yesterday was mothers day

salam :-)
happy mothers day to mothers all around the globe.

yesterday my dad bought a cake for the celebration.

i pretty much had to argue a bit with my brother in order to grab this!
yes.. the strawberry.
my mum placed the candle there.
she said "boh polah kerja alang-alang. nah.. hambiklah cya"

this is my tak-tua-dimamah-usia grandma :-)

my mum

we went for dinner at topspot.
this is my uncle, next is my aunt, my grandma, me and my sister.
people always mistaken us for being chinese.
people coming up to us and start to speak in chinese is something usual :-p

this me and yaya.
my uncle's daughter.
my uncle said shes been searching for me the previous time she went to our house.
so... tada!

when we first arrived there.
there were not enough chair.
somehow my hand automatically pulled a chair form the nearest table.
and guess what?
there was this guy sitting at that table.
he was looking at me blankly.
i snapped to reality and put on my nicest smile then asked if i could take that chair.
and he said okay.
my aunt said he looks like Shaz Jazle.
i thinks its because of the hair.


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