this is the 125 post

salam :-)
i've been living a life like a bat since the break started.

believe it or not.
im getting slimmer.
when i was in Kolej,
my meals were fixed.
when im at home,
i skipped them here and there.

last night my brother ruined our bathroom door.
the bottom part of the door felled down.
sort of funny but not so hilarious when we want to take our bath.
my grandma covered that hole with a huge black plastic bag.
just for the meantime.

im pretty much the official driver for the household.
i send my brother to school.
i send and pick up my sister from her tuition class.
i also pick up my mum and my aunt from work.
im pretty much on the road everyday.

im also the babysitter for my cousin, rizq.
he's here most of the day.
he's my personal entertainer.
ian has been feverish this couple of day.
so he's taking days away from school.
i was in the living room when...
ian: wuargh! kak baby *sobsobsob*
me: pahal ya? *rushing to the kitchen*
ian: deden ya..
me: ngaco abang owh..
rizq: nya xmok bukak air tok k kamek.
ian: nya engkah air ya kat muka mek.. sejok!!
rizq: abang berolah gilak.
me: pandey nganok orang berolah. sak nya mpun nyakat jak kerja.
i have been dealing with those two for the couple past of day..
luckily i dont have to do that everyday *pheuw*


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