salam :-)
i was studying in Labuan for a year.
guess what happen?

i've been living with my gramps for as long as i could remember.
merely my brother lived with my parents.
since my gramps passed away,
it has been me, my sister, my aunt and my nek usu.
i called her mak..

since my brother started to go to St. Josephs,
he has been living here.
i mean living as in he owned my bed now.
i usually dont give a damn about this because the longest i've been home was 2 weeks.
and being home for 5 months makes me care -.-
so that night, i took an extra mattress.
and i've been sleeping on the floor ever since.
plus my mak threw away my huge square Dalmatians pillow.
that breaks my heart.

i also dont have much space anymore.
my sister somehow keep her things in my space now.
so i've been rearranging her clothes so they fit into her space.
folding clothes is one of those chores i hate doing.
thats why i brought lots of hanger when i was in Labuan.

to my dearest sister,
stop stuffing ur clothes into my space in the wardrobe.
or else.
i mean else as in i'll sell them as pre-loved items.
and u'll cry when u see someone else wearing them and actually bought them at lower price.
got that?

close ur mouths or
push ur jaws back up.
dont give me that filthy look.
i can be mean when i want to.


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