price tags

salam :-)
my mom just came back from Kl few days ago.
she bought me some scarf.
there were cream and black.
i told her i want the black one only.
its so adorable with beads.
my brother told me i look like a kid.
so i told him im still young not like him acting way matured than his age.
bak kata orang tua.. tuwija!

i went to the mart with my aunt and little cousins last few nights.
my uncle insisted me to drive his truck.
i dont know the name of the car but its huge like a truck :-p
i told him no.
i had an experience with my dad's Gen-2.
irfan was anxious with my driving skill.
but i made him quiet.

yaya: ngah, mek mok beli kobek ah.
me: apa kobek?
ngah: ylh ngah x tauk apa kobek.
yaya: gulabatu bah..
irfan: kobek bah jelir lidah.
me: =.=' nang lah..

i figured out what kobek is later at the mart.
it was the sweet with stick.
the package has a tongue sticking out..
kids language is simple.
dont u think so?

yaya was dancing and singing to price tag

she made this face when she accidentally bumped into others while dancing. lol!!

irfan told her to dance more.


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