i was bored.
so i googled myself.
dont laugh at me.
macamlah korang tak pernah buat.. kan?

i cant find anything that is related to Amy Yasmin.
i mean, am i the only person on the earth that own this name?
or people named Amy Yasmin just not famous enough.
so i tot i should search my name separately.

i googled Amy. lots of info came out.
lets talk a few of other Amy.
first is Ami Mizuno.
its also Amy okay. its just that in Japan it becames Ami. also known as Amy Anderson.
dont have a clue of who this is?
its a character from Sailor Moon :-D
shes intelligent, shy, sweet, gentle, loyal and love to read like me!
mind me. i only speaks about the good traits :-p

then, there is Amy Juergens.
a character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

for yasmin, there's yasmin bratz.
also known as pretty princess.
shes quiet, feminine and graceful.
and both of us love romantic comedies :-)

and Yasmin Siraj.
shes an American figure skater.
plus a pianist.
how cool is that!


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