english is my thing

salam :-)
my result was out yesterday.
the good news is i dont have to repeat my matrics.
the bad news is my result tak cukup gempak.

so upu thingy is really giving me a headache.
well, im still aiming for UTM.
since i did went for the interview.
my priority is still architecture.
second quantity surveying.
and.. i dont know whats going to be next.

my dad wants me to take engineering.
im not interested in that.
after a year studying physics in matrics,
physics is not my thing.
apatah lagi chemistry.
maths lagilah..

i've been doing some research.
courses that caught my interest are science architecture and estate management.
during after spm time, my aunt keep telling me to be a valuer.
she said make money for your future.
at that time i dont have a clue of what course should i take to be a valuer.
but now i know :-p


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