dont die on me

mind my "flat" stomach.

i looked rather awkward.

muka merinsak :-p

i went out with Fiza the other day..
we hang out a lot..
its like if one of us is a male.
i think our parents will ask us to marry each other or something like that.

there were lots of people at Spring.
i have a hard time seeking for a parking space.

me: fiza! ada orang keluar *yippie*
fiza: ney? orang tua yakah?
me: aok.. nak embak pampers ya eh.
fiza: slow kit kau.. boh miss indah.
me: fiza!!!! sekpat masok. tok one way.
fiza: nang kamboh. cepat kau pusing.
me: yay! sempat. thanks to pak cik pampers.
fiza: sukati kau jak pampers. comforter ya bangang.
me: -.- macam pampers bah..

we went for dinner and window shopping.
i bought a turtleneck :-)
im a happy kid.

i stumbled upon Faeznor and Haziq.
Haziq really cracked me up.
poret jak nak nangga barang dibeli.
he asked when i wore hijab and such.

guess what happen when we wanted to go back home?
my car's battery was dead.
i didnt realized this because there were too many cars.
it was appropriate for me to reverse my car but my car didnt move and die on me.

i called my dad and Ernie.
Ernie was laughing her ass off.
Fiza was sweating in the car.
she didnt want to open her side of the window.
she was too embarrassed to do so.
there was a couple in the car next to us.
i think the guy was really curious.

after a while, my dad came.
he asked us to go into the other car while he went to meet the security.
we met Faeznor on our way.
he was asking why we went back so late since its almost 11 at that time.
i could only flashed my lovely smile.


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