black dot on blue clothes

hello readers..
let me updates you with this post.

i think i flunked my interview.
i failed my drawing test.
i dont even know how to pronounce cesar pelli.
cesar pelli is the architect responsible for Petronas Twin Tower.
i cant answered the questions asked.
so... architecture is history for me.

on the same day when night falls.
i went out with Aisyah, Hafiz, Feezi and Azri.
we went for dinner.
korek-korek latest news of Feezi.
then we went to play bowling.
i dont play of course.
i just watched them play :-p
Feezi managed to send me back home at 12 more or less.
gilaaaa dude. its the first time i came home that late.
nasib sik driving.

yesterday, i went out for lunch with my family.
its been a while.
lisa: pakey apa sapu tangan tok?
mama: wangi..
me: pakey lap tangan dengan mulutlah =.='
lisa: *perey* unik na juak.
me: ma.. boh tak mbak balit benda ya.
bapak: tak tauk x sapu tangan ya seringgit jak arum bulak. made in china gik ya.
mama: mek lipat balit jak bah.. sayang..
then me lisa, bapak and daneil laughed so hard we didnt even made a sound.

i went to send my kain for baju raya today.
im kinda excited. lol!!
p puasa lom ganti gik *sigh*
when i was surfing the net.
i found this picture

no offense.. but your skirt is exactly the same with my kain for baju raya.
its sort of funnehhhh..


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