this is business

i went to Popular and bought a drawing block and colour pencils.
i just figured out that colour pencils are expensive =.='
i've been a big fan of Luna.
however Luna's marketing strategy is brilliant.
they made this triangular colour pencils which only can be sharpened by the especially made sharpener.
rather than only buying a RM15 Luna's colour pencils,
i have to buy the sharpener too which cost me another RM15 =.='

then i went to the Spring with Aisyah.
she wanted to watch Never Say Never badly.
im not a big fan of Justin Bieber.
so... it was okay i guess.

i visited a blog of Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia.
my question was:
saye merupakan pelajar lepasan matrikulasi. saye ada interview 29/4 nie.. saye dikehendaki membawa lukisan semasa sekolah. lukisan ape yang patut saye bwk?
the reply is:
untuk amy roslan..interview for architecture’s course? For me, just bawa drawing yang u lukis masa sekolah dulu..x cantik x kisah sgt la..kalu ada yang cantik lagi elok laa..they just want to see u have talent or not jer…or maybe u can draw a scenery which have building,environment(nice landscape view)..and then read something about famous architect..and make sure u have 1 or 2 favourite architect in ur mind..which can tell ur interviewer a story what u really like about them.

frankly speaking, i dont know much of this architectural thingy :-/
i've been googling some of Malaysia famous architecture.
and the name that pop out is Hijjas Kasturi.
i think i'll google some of important people who involved in the construction of KLCC.
i've watched the documentary of this agessss ago.
i might have some extra info on that.
i hope that will bring an advantage to me.


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