pengganggur terhormat

kalau dulu cuti habis spm.
sekarang cuti habis pspm. hehe!
pardon me for writing in bm baku.
im polishing myself for the interview :-)

im back home already.
i've been lazying around all day. hehe!
its so weird feeling so free.

my family was surprised when meeting with hijab on my head.
and my family said i look chubby.
my mom called me muka bulat.

when we were spending a night at Labuan.
this hotel has a really unique lift.
its look like this.
but smaller version.

the next day, we went to Kota Kinabalu.
i brought some pashmina, a blouse and a pair of pants.
i have a new addiction!

we were walking passing by the MNG.
then i saw the mannequin is wearing this kind of pants.
i want that pants badly.
somehow i regret buying it when looking at the price tag.

i received a call from UTM.
they asked me to check my email and confirmed will i attend their interview.
so today, i need to buy a drawing block and colour pencils.
i have to bring a drawing of mine to the interview later.
so any suggestion on what should i draw?


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