you make me smile

i want to share a conversation between me and my uncle.
me: happy birthday usu!
usu: tq! hehehehehehe.
me: semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki :-)
usu: dan dapat girlfriend mat salleh.
me: apakah =.='
usu: lol!!

im almost done here in labuan.
i think i will miss my life here.
i have learn much from living here,
doing my own laundry, managing my time and growing up :-)

im not that silly amy anymore.
im wiser now :-)
and i love how the further away i am from home,
the more i love my family.
i learn to miss them.

somehow i hate the fact that im getting a bit outdated.
its difficult to reach outside world.
there's no tv and such.
im surviving anyhow.

friends are like family here.
we share problem and be there for each other.
we face problems together.
we are dependent on each other to survive everyday.
its sappy to think that this is going to be over.


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