my new beginning

assalamualaikum :-)
i would like to share this with you readers.
this took place after the last class of Islam Education.

ustazah: efa, boleh sini sekejap?
efa: *walking towards ustazah*
ustazah: saya ada barang nak bagi kat emma jugak *getting something out from her bag*
efa: aie.. ustazah *tears running down*
emma: ustazah, terharu saya.
ustazah: saya bagi nie dengan harapan. saya tak tahu pun kamu tak pakai tudung, tapi terjumpa efa hari tu. emma pulak confessed kan dekat surau.

all of us actually cried because terharu sangat on that day.
conclusion is im wearing hijab now and so does aisyah :-)
its doesnt feel weird because we're used to it.
i havent told my family because i would like to tell them personally face to face when they picked me up to head back to kuching.
living in people place taught me lots of thing.
i've made my choice to pick up the good things.


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