yesterday,i went out with my friends.
it was unplanned.
it was 12 in the afternoon.
i havent bath yet at that time (dont go ceridak on me coz i know all of you samo2 all right?
so i took my bath.
so when i was in the bathroom,
my brother knocked on the door and told me ernie was outside.

me: aie.. ernie! (i said "aie" a lot dont you think so?)
ernie: oi!
me: lepak bilit oi. tak dari cney tek?
ernie: dari rumah relative mek..
me: kwa jom..
ernie: kwa cney?
me: carik dress juliet.
ernie: balit awal maok ku.
me: pahal begaut gilak?
ernie: mun kwa dengan kau tauk ada lamak.
me: -.- jomlahhhh
ernie: sik ta duak jak?
me: ajak dak lain.
ernie: oi! mintak cerita.
me: cariklah cya..
ernie: mie! best juak lapcam tak.. jom mie polah time capsule.

i did one for her..
i was talking craps for minutes. lol!!
im not good at making speeches.
then we went out.
i was driving my kenari and ernie was driving hers.
i told her to lead the way coz i dont remember the road to her house.
then i fetched faez and waited for ernie to send her car home.

i bumped into gbah.
she was with faheela.
we hugs and berdrama jejak kaseh jap..
shes my mengumpat partner.
she always sit next to me in cikgu rahimah's class.
then we would pretend we were discussing about add maths.

after that i picked up naz at her house.
we were waiting for her to get ready.
then a dog came from nowhere and entered her house.
faez was honking to alarm her.
then we heard her cats making sounds and the dog went out.

we went to the hills looking for my juliet mask.
then we went to look for the dress.
faez: nya tok mie!
ernie: p nak tok kacak gik iez.
naz: aok eiyh. very juliet.
me: gilaaaa! dah jak pendek. see through gik ya. kontroversi lak oi. hujung mati aku kenak kerja ustazah.
faez: gneylah tok? nak g cney gik?
me: alang-alang gilak. jom g makan lok..

we went to mcD.
i paused a while at the door.
faez: hoi! berenti tengah dunia.
me: sekda pa..
then some sesi perkenalan went on.
we met nea and lala.
nea makin cuteeee. hahahahaha!

he didnt acknowledge of this conversation.
but it did went on.
naz: haih! amy.. dudok cnun.
ernie: aok eiyh. kamek orang dah biasa.
me: aaa..
faez: g nun doe.. pahal kau dudok ctok?
me: *sitting down* x tauk. x tauk. xtauk. nya dengan kawannya..
naz: pelik..
me: kamek duak jenis orang yang mementingkan kawan-kawan.
faez: palak ko..
me: dah.. case close.
ernie: nang tak duak mesej indah meja nak nggak beberapa selang.
me: gago ko ya :PPPP
then nea and lala excused themselves.
nea said he looks *tuutttt*
haih! jangan dipuji.

after that i went to fetch my mom and my aunt.
and went to look for my dress at hock lee and crown square.
it was a really great day..
and im looking forward for another.


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