dont go rough on me

hello readers!
it has been an exhausted and rough week for me.
life has its up and down right?
just keep holding on.

lets start with my previous flight to labuan.
that morning i was being the usual clumsy me.
i didnt checked in directly to labuan.
then in kk, i have to pick up my luggage and checked in again.
guess what? my luggage was MIA.
i report my lost and asked them to send my luggage to labuan when founded.
when i went to pick up my founded bag.
my bag was ruined. oh well..
at least my belongings were still there.

my physics lecturer, mr. edward gave me a new tutorial book when he heard that i lost mine with the bag.
this is the time my bag hasnt found yet.
echa and emma was fighting over that book.
echa said she would love to keep that book since i've found mine =.='
you see, this lecturer of mine is quite adorable.
so, they are sort of adore him.
plus he's an excellent teacher.

well, thats it for now.
later you guys!


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