freak out

i went hang out with fiza.
we were bored so we went ronda-ronda kuching
i mean really ronda punya.
nang main raon cgek kuching eh.

then we realised the tank was almost empty.
so we went to fill it up.
somehow, both of us never fill the tank before.
me: gney tok ja?
fiza: aku ingat jak kau pandey.
me: haih! call ernie jak.
i actually called ernie to ask her how to open the tank =.='
we were lucky that we dont have to fill the tank up by ourself.
mun sik nang cgek cta gik..

we went to meet up with rho.
because there was a friend of rho and fiza who came all the way from japan and they havent meet for a long time.
we went for a stroll at waterfront.
you guys got what i meant by ronda satu kuching? lol!!

and i want to share this conversation which happened between me, my sister and my mom.
mama: kakak, coba simpan dak tiket-tiket tak.
lisa: pakey kakak apa ma?
me: aoklah..
mama: haih! dapat mama claim lak bila tak dah kerja.
lisa: *perey* ilek jak..
me: kempang ati eiyh =.='
mama: benar bah.. salu gilak balit

p/s sepetttt i love you.


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