salam maulidur rasul everyone :-)

its been a really busy week for me.
first thing first.
my class didnt make it to the final for english musical.
but we had fun tho.
its very satisfying hearing the audience laughed.

next is basketball match.
omg! awesome poeple i tell u..
Yenn and Fiona are always on fire baby!
i managed to score once :P
we actually tied with the Kolej's represents team.

owh.. i will performing nasyid.
i mean it is a paksa-rela..
but why not kan?
its once in a lifetime experience.
its not like im doing the solo right?
hancorrrr i tell u if im the one whos doing the solo.

last sunday, our biro was in charged for the minggu penghayatan islam.
so Hafiz Hamidun was in town.
we were setting up the stage for him.
my roommate was going crazy over him.
and i was like -.-

and speaking of her.
u are irritating me young lady.
heh! ngenang eiyh! mun x lmk dah dirumbakku.
psycho much! tang nak jaga jiwa nya jak..
i feel like slapping ur face over and over and over and over again. gosh!

im tied again with the same person :-)
lets pray this one going to last.
he mean much to me since the beginning.
it took us a while tho.
i mean months.. we decided to get serious so..
okay! lets put a stop about this before im going all lovey dovey.
and make u guys sick.

p/s tomorrow midterm 2 result is out!!


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