my aunt asked me why i didnt pick her up from work.
i answered i was sleeping thats why grandma picked her up.
the truth is, im sort of a reckless driver. muahaha!
i know her well. i think she'll scared to death if im driving the car.
plus she talks a lot. that makes me panic.
its another different story with my grandma.
she gives advices and calm me down when im having a panic attack.
so does my mum, she would let me take my time and wont rush me.

i write everything in my blog.
but somehow i hesitate to write about last saturday.
i guess its because he will read it. lol!!
well i decide to write about it.
so here goes nothing.

first, i fetched aisyah at her house.
aisyah keep making this "citcitcitcitcit" noise whenever my driving when bad.
its hilarious. its like when im came really close to a car she would made that sound. lol!!
then she told me how she missed driving a manual car.
i was like "u wanna drive one?"
then she was like nonononono.
im not a fan of an automatic car. antonnnn =.='

we reached parkson soon after he text me informed that he's already there.
we were waiting for a friend of him, who's also a friend of us.
he's a KML student too. but he didnt knew that we were joining them.
we went to mcD and had our lunch there. mcD was packed.
he's quiet that day. yes! u mister. if u're reading this, im talking about u.
then, came another friend of him.
he's very funny. he cracked me up big time.
loike his watch. very very cool.
then, came a female friend of them.
very friendly :-)
i love friendly people.
they lessen the awkwardness in the air.
she keep asking if aisyah and i are twins.
i dont think we look alike much.

then we accompanied the boys playing bowling.
i refused to play because im not a fan of it.
i just dont. no reasons.
we watched khurafat afterwards.
i closed my ears and eyes most of the time.
some people actually laughed during the suppose-to-be scary part.
aisyah keep pinching my arms.
we actually argued a little in the cinema -.-
did i told u i spilled most of my popcorns during the movie.
i cant help myself from being clumsy.

and to u mister, its not polite checking out anak dara orang :-p
thanks for the concern switching my cold pepsi to hot milo
and cold sprite to mineral water.
i still cough a little.
and im sorry for the awkwardness.
still im not used to other people paying for me.
its feel weird i guess.

p/s we bumped into noni at mcD


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