im a juliet

lets start with i have a date tomorrow ;-)
maybe a lunch date.
it has been 4 months since we last saw each other.
we hardly have time to see each other.
its a long distance relationship *sigh*

today i went to pick up my sister's tuition form.
i was driving alone since she was lazy to go out.
its feel like im the who's going to attend tuition instead of her..
it drives me crazy that the parking spaces were packed.
and i have to go around that place two times then i can parked my car.

so my muet result was out.
i got band 4.
but even my lecturer agreed i can actually score band 5.
but my writing sucks and it has brought the whole band down.

my mission for this holiday is looking for Juliet's costumes for the play.
yes people! the regency era gown.
plus practice speaking in british accent.
imagine that. LOL! TTFN!


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