its my 100th post!
those digits remind me of casper.

moving on, tomorrow i'm going back to labuan.
i'll be in kuching again for chinese new year.
my cousin said i always go back and forth like my dad owns the plane.
what can i say.
i'm spoiled by my family.

chinese new year holiday will be the last holiday before i'm sitting for my final.
yes people! its almost the end of my life as a matriculation student.
since, i applied for usm.
i'll be attending the interview first before final examination.

its been a year.
time do fly fast.
frankly speaking, i dont think i'll miss anything about labuan. lol!!
but i definitely will miss my roommates minus aisyah.
jiran-jiran tetangga. haha!
my classmates.
friends i made there.
the lecturers.
i've been living a decent life there.
sappy~ haha! ttfn people!
i have to pack for tomorrow.
smell you laterrrrr..


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