hello people!
there is this guy who stalks me around.
he monitored my fb and blog.
creepy right? lol!
i know u'll be reading this.
janganlah marah nanti cepat tua :-p

i went out with faez again.
she's hilarious.
i was laughing so hard at the back when she had make jokes about drivers around.

tomorrow im going back to college.
first thing aisyah's mention was we have to clean fans in our room.
kenak sik semangat habis ya.

im not coming home for neither Hari Raya Haji nor Christmas *sigh*
lets hope there's water supply in college.
Bidah called me ahli nujum because i always can tell if there's water or not.
I told her im having affairs with uncles who are driving water tanks, thats why they always supply our dorm with water.
So if there's no water supply i told her that we got into arguments because their wives found out. Bahahahaha!

I wish i'll be having cool lecturers again for this coming semester.
Madam Latifah likes to have a chat with us.
She delivered her first baby ever on the study week.
Im sure she's having a cute and healthy one :-)
I havent meet her since the last tutorial class.

I cracked Sir Taib in our second laboratory session.
Sir: *looking at my report and smiling*
Me: kenape sir? salahkah? (my voice was shaky since it was my first report)
Sir: LOL!!
Me: =.=' (the whole class was looking at us)
Sir: adoi! lucu betol lukisan awak.
Me: aok jak lah..

IT class with Sir Syed!
that class was the most fun i ever had.
there's this one day in the class.
Me: Pahal Sir? Saya ada polah salahkah? (oh yea! i like to bantai talking in Sarawak dialect with him)
Sir: *looking at me from front then he walked around me*
Me: aie.. sir pahal?
Sir: aku tengok kau lainlah hari nie..
Me: =.=' sama jak..
Sir: apa beza kau hari nie dengan hari lain? makin ayu..
Me: nakpa nama ya..
I know he was teasing me because i wore tudung that day..
He's very sarcastic.

Lets wish the best for my coming semester.
and the results are coming up end of this month *crossing fingers*
TTFN people! dont miss me :-)


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