im currently at KKIA alone.
Aisyah's staying at KK.
so im going back to Kuching alone.
and the flight is delayed.

Its AidilAdha night.
i would cry if i was in college listening to Takbir.
sappy ewh..

i think today is one of those day where i keep on replying texts and answering calls from my dad.
he asked about my PSPM result which will be out on the end of this month.
then he said he read my status at Facebook about the UITM thingy.
well all of my roommates excluding Yatie get the offer from UITM Samarahan.
we were like can we be place in the same room again. Haha!
and you mister. i know u'll be reading this, check ur result lah.. haish!

new semester!
i get lots of cool lecturer.
Sir Anis for Physics lecture.
i would shot myself if i ever sleeping in his lecture.
it would be a stupid action.
i actually understand every single thing he's talking about. miracle!

Sir Edward for Physics tutorial.
recent class with him was hilarious.
Kak Jie: Sir, what is the meaning of lens maker?
Sir: Erm.. Nama lah kan? Alamak soalan bonus.
then the whole class laughed.

Sir Hafiz and Sir Nazar are in charge of our Physics laboratory class.
we tot it would be Sir Husaini.
when Sir Hafiz showed up, every single face of female species in our class lighted up.
Efa and Anisah were giggling like crazy.
Sir: tolong perkenalkan diri anda.
Anisah: nama saya Nurul Anisah tapi Sir boleh panggil saya Nurul.
the whole class was like wth because all of us call her by Echa or Anisah.
after the class ended i told her "Echa, kau tauk sik pa erti kenja. K to the E to the N to the J to the A?" =.='

Sir Zahir for Chemistry lecture.
he was like " saya tak pandai buat lawak ya. kelas saya memang bosan."
but he keep making us laugh during the lecture.

not forgetting Mr.Ding for Mathematics lecture.
he's funny. he told us about his favourite foods.
then he gave us his phone number.
he said "kalau kamu makan jangan lupa saya. call je saya akan datang."

we get Madam Dayang again for English :-)
Madam: i told my colleague that he has to let me keep my F6T34 class. he can change the others but not this class.
Aww.. Madam :-)
we have musical for task.
Emma : Amy, kitak mesti jadi heroin.
Me: kitaklah. pahal kamek indah?
Emma: kamek nang picture kamek pun mula-mula tapi.. pendek kata sekpatlah. mek nak berik Vee tek tapi mek tukar ke kitak.
i cant bailed out anymore since i have agreed at the first place because she made me felt so curious to know about her idea.
yawh! kerana mulut badan binasa.

did i told about my Physical Exercise class?
oh yea we get Kawad Kaki.
FUNNNN kan? =.='
the the lecturer said we'll not going to do Kawad Kaki the whole time.
im so relieved. im going to get tanner than i already do.

p/s Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone :-)


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