semester break

im done with the first semester already.
time passed by fast.

back then while i was packing.
i tot of keeping my stuff in this box i brought on my first day in college.
when i was bringing the box out.
it was so dusty.
it seems like its been there forever.
like me too i guess.

so my final was disastrous.
especially my physics *sigh*
and this lecturer who took care of us didnt make it any better.

after maths paper 2 exam conversation:
miss: so how was it?
me: hmm..
miss: *taking my paper and scanned through* easy meh..
me: *gulp*

done with my papers.
i went back to my room and ready for my flight.
Aisyah's paper ended late tho.

when we reached the airport.
our flight was cancelled.
our flight was rescheduled at 8.30 pm.
rescheduled again at 10.10 pm.
i was getting furious.
i've been there forever waiting to fly.
for hundredth of times our flight was rescheduled again at 9.10 pm.
finally! everyone has lost their patience.

highlight of the day was conversation with this uncle who was taking care of the security check.
uncle: wow. Amy huh. nice name.
me: *smiling and tried to walk away*
uncle: Malay or Chinese?
me: Malay
uncle: lady, u look like a Chinese chick.
me: owh okay *shot a death stare at Aisyah because she was laughing so hard*
uncle: okay done. see u again Amy.
me: H.A.H.A

we were also sort of getting kicked out from McD.
i guess we been there too long.
so the manager kind of angry at us. lol!!

we reached KK at 10 pm.
we went settled our business with the MAS management.
then we went to the hotel.
there were 11 of us.
i shared a room with Alin.
we watched Supernatural while eating KFC.
then we went to bed.
we were too tired to goof around.

in the morning, both of us was having this argument on who should bath first.
when we managed to settle that,
we went for breakfast downstairs.
it was a very cute hotel.
Alin couldnt helped herself saying comel all the time.

now im at home updating my blog.
there's more to come :-)


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