Geum Jan Di

my roommates and i have these korean name things.
aisyah is go mi nam.
zabidah is joo yoo rin.
suryanti is han ji eun.
mine is geum jan di.

so why geum jan di?
in my early days in college.
i was supposed to submit my first ever physics laboratory report to my lecturer at the menara pentadbiran (MP) before 3.50 pm.
on that day, i finished my IT class late.
while i was rushing to the MP from the library.
suddenly i felt my shoulder became lighter.
right in front of the library my bag string broke into two.
and it just dropped to the ground with that loud sound.
and there were lots of student there too.
watching me and my bag drama.
i lowered my head, picked up my bag and ran towards the MP.

and not just that.
recently, me and aisyah went to the college's bazaar.
it was already 6 pm.
when we arrived at the bazaar, it was raining heavily.
it was so heavy that we had to help keeping the umbrella from flying away.
to avoid the rain, we planned to use the surau's alley.
right in front of the surau.
and again in front lots of people.
one of my slipper slipped from my foot and left behind while myself was already ahead wearing only the other one.
lowered my head, turned back, wore back my slipper.
mumbled something because my slipper planned to slip itself right next to a couple of budak surau.
i bet they laughed till their stomach hurt watching me.
aisyah did her i-dont-know-her act when she saw what happened.

till now, aisyah called my clumsy amy.
im known for embarrassing acts.
and there are actually more than above stories.


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