duduk rumah selama 5 hari ini,
reminds me of cuti after spm.
doing my revision at home,
reminds me of preparing for spm.
i miss spm?? whoa!

aisyah mentioned that she lost weight.
im not sure how im doing.
malasnyer nak naik penimbang tu :-p

this morning, i watched the good wife.
woohoo! gila berzaman tak tengok.
the reason why i applied for law at the first place.
which then i changed because daddy asked me to.

my sister bought 5t5b already.
yay! i've completed hlovate collection so far.
im anxious to read untuk awak teja aulia by syud.
the reason i wanted to enter UTM so bad because of syud.
all of the characters she wrote are students there.
i know im nuts. ernie was like wth when i told her that.
suka hati i lah kan kan kan?

im hooked with airplanes.
bob and hayley williams.
im so outdated.
namapun duduk pulau yang agak terpencil.
macam mana boleh jadi wilayah persekutuan huh??
apa2 jer lahh. ciao!

p/s i need a new headset.
(macam salu pulak tulis p/s nie. tiru p/s i love you kerrr.)


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