registration day

i did my registration by myself.
guardians were not allowed to accompany.
baruk jak g to the first counter,
lecturer: *handing me a nail clipper* ur nails are long. take this and cut them
i was like "there goes my first impression"

from DM, i went to Pusat Sumber.
i took my student card there.
i will not show my card here.
i looked terrible :-p

then i went upstairs to grab my lab coat and etc.
facilitator: ur tall so i give u XL.
me: *dropping me jaw*
facilitator: takut nanti lengan bajumu pendek.
i was like whatever..

finally last counter!
i got sains fizikal.
kolej kediaman c.
i was so happy to know i got the same kolej kediaman with aisyah.


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