my homies

from Pusat Sumber.
i ride a bus to my kolej kediaman.
i took my key from penyelia asrama.
and i found out my roommates are Sabahan.
i was like matilah cakap sabah.

then from ground floor.
i brought all of my stuff to the third floor.
mengah habis pasya.

i knocked on the door.
and there were my two roommates.
they are Elsey and Zabidah.
Elsey is a really friendly person.
her bff were also there at that time.
we bond on the spot.
Bidah i call her was a bit shy.
we fixed that already :-)

announcer: kepada semua penghuni blok c. anda diwajibkan ke surau pada pukul 6 bagi pelajar-pelajar Islam dan ke Dewan Mutiara bagi pelajar yang bukan Islam.
i went to took my bath.
my aunty said she'll settle my bed and all.
i texted aisyah and we promised to go surau together.

i met hani in the toilet.
i know, TOILET. lol!
at least there is someone accompanying me there.
she has a very long name to pronounce.
to make it easy, just call her hani.
she's also a Sabahan.
but we speak in BM baku.
so it was not that difficult to communicate.
she's a hayat student.
we talked.
took our bath.
then went to our own direction.

by the time i finished taking my bath,
my bed is ready.
i got myself ready then went to the cafe to meet aisyah.
i did not cry when i my family took off.
i dont know why.
aisyah told me that im not normal =.='

both of us went upstairs together since we live on the same floor.
took our telekung,
*drumrolls* first conflict.
me : aisyah! pakey tudung kah??
aisyah : adowh! kamek x tauk juak.
both of us decided not to wear them.
we didnt want people to get the wrong idea.

when both of us arrived at surau.
*everyone was staring*
me : matilah ta 2. kita jak x k tudung.
aisyah: chill lah. ada juak miak x k tudung. buat bodo jak.

so kami buat bodo.
took our wudhu and went to the second floor.
we met Surayah.
she's an account student which actually made aisyah relieved.
sempat juak bukak wallet nya and took a look at her IC :-p

after Isyak, berlengganglah mek 2 aisyah turun.
we were heading to DM.
me : syah, kenak miak depan berekot owh?
aisyah : x tauk.
me : jom ta 2 berekot juak.
then i know the reason.
facilitators dah moha!
they said we were late.

when we arrived at DM,
we squeezed ourselves between others.
facilitators were doing a countdown for those who were late.
both of us mandi peloh malam itu.
berjujuran jak peluh.
we were there until 11 pm.
i was holding on tight to aisyah since i dont want to get lost in the crowd.
plus i have a night blindness problem.

when i arrived at my room.
i ironed my clothes and sempat buat air coz i was thirsty.
i went to the toilet alone since there were lots of people.
call my family. then peng terus.


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