you have stole my heart

im updating :-)

today, i texted fiza.
she was like "mahu pergi menonton? mommy i anta. balit u tlg ator."
so i was like sure. i know exactly who's going to be our driver yg btauliah.
plan punye plan.
mr.driver said "aher glk pdh. tdk mek free. now mek babysitting. xkan lah nak mbak budak2 suma ekot. jadi daddy day care lah kmk."
plan cancel!
mr.driver was like "tdk mek ajak pdh xpat. ktk nangggg lah."
lol! i always drive him crazy.

next monday, im going to sit for the jpj test.
janganlah fail. amin.
i have to pass.
because im definately going to labuan if i do not manage to place myself in any university.
my dad booked the ticket already *sigh*

my looklet collection!
they are growing.
obviously its because i have lots of free time.
check them out at

thats all for now. ciao!
to batman, good luck with your final exam ;-)


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