shame on you

have you went through this experience,
when an unknown number miss called or sent texts to you?
then you cursed him for harassing you?
take note, dont give your number to strangers.
unless you are enjoying them.
which usually leads to 2 situation.
if you are good looking or rich, you're a keeper.
if you are neither, get lost! lol!

now, im a driver under my grandmother supervision.
i am responsible for fetching my brother from school.
and thats it. i need to pass my jpj test soon.

im going to kl this coming wednesday.
one of the thing in my must-buy-list is novel.
i need to find rooftop rant by hlovate there.
ernie asked me to buy versus.
im not sure if versus is out yet.
im going to splurge at kitschen and pull and bear.
i love pull and bear sneakers collection.
they are so adorable.

i went out again with faiz and everyone.
its been a while since my last outing with nazh.
it feels awkward.
i guess its because i dont have any topic to talk with her.
hmmm =.=

we didnt went to hock lee and played games there.
but we played a new game.
its called "Driving with Amy"
i almost caused everyone a heart attack. sorry guys.
i'll polished my driving skill okay :-)


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