its been a while.
miss me =..=
i learnt that from azri.
he said it means hidung kembang
fuunnnyyyy. haha!

yesterday, i attended my driving lesson.
my instructor teased me the whole day.
i learnt driving up and down the hill.
my instructor was annoyed when i did this "weeee" thingy whenever i drove down the hill and laughed after that.
it was spontaneous. haha!
he said i laugh too much =.='
i also have a nickname.
he called me Cinderella because my auntie told him not to sent me back home late.

then, ernie picked me up at home to go jalan-jalan cari makan.
fiza ruined her hills which is hilarious.
she eventually had to borrow my flip flop.
thanks ernie for my belated birthday present.
thanks naz for the meals.
fiza, you owe me :-p
i went back home not feeling so good.
i got flu lerrrr.

to rahim and habib im sorry i couldnt make it today.
i wish both of you the best of luck.

p/s happy birthday to sister, Melissa :-)


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