this is random

i just got back from the-so-called bengkel kereta.
i didnt study a thing.
my instructor brought me to perodua to fix his car.
then we went jalan-jalan cari pasal.

owh yes.
i have two instructors.
the bengkel thingy handled by a female instructor @ the wife.
the male instructor @ the hubby will instruct me when im on the road.

yesterday, i went to the spring.
my sister shopping macam nya gik celebrate cny :p
i didnt bought anything.
thats because i spent all of my money already. lol!

at the evening, i went to my uncle's boutique.
misses fair & lovely were there for the fitting session.
they were not so friendly like the previous contestants.

my cousins got engaged last sunday.
it feels odd since he is so young.
owh well.

last saturday, i went out with the plkn-ers.
i missed doing crazy things with lina.
we laugh so hard until we hurt our stomach.
we bump into fahmi.
he's quite bulky.
which is kinda scary. haha!

habib participated in a volleyball competition.
he is in the final.
i'll let you know if he win ;-)


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