shoot me

i found out my pc rosak ler =.='

hari tu modem.
hari ni pc.

today my driving instructor came.
she seems nice.
she talks a lot.
at least it lessen the awkwardness in the air right?
she said she'll pick me up on sunday.
for the kush hush kereta hota hai.

i finished the upu thingy.
my dad lectured me a bit.
then he went to pick up my bro from the tuition center.
when he reached home, the lecture continue.
i was like "aok. okay. tauk. yes. allright. iyer"

i tolerated with my dad about the courses.
so, here they are:
1. asasi sains hayat
2. asasi alam bina
3. diploma farmasi
4. diploma pengurusan teknologi
5. diploma kejuruteraan awam
6. diploma undang-undang
7. diploma pentadbiran awam
8. diploma sains aktuari

the thing i realised was.
my kk marks were so low.
they sucks *sigh*

im off. ciao.


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