im back to the old habit

"You know you have read a good book when you turn the last page and feel as if you have lost a friend"-Anonymous.

hello people!
im a novels addict.
i had developing this habit since i was 13 yo.
it started with english novels.
i bought them every week.
im known as a fast reader.
then my parents lowered my budget.
i moved on to comics.

when i was in form 3,
i have a tight budget since i used most of my money to buy reference books.
so instead buying reading materials,
i sold them ;-)
my parents would asked where i got my money from.
i'll answered they were my saving.
i didnt sold all of them.
i kept all of my favourites.
when i was in form 4, i started to read malay novels.
im a fan of Hlovate's work.
im trying to collect all of her/his works.

recently, i read a novel by Nurul Syahida.
i love it! it feels so close to me.
as if she was writing about me.
HAHAHA. Perasan li jak.
Aku Kan Novelis is her third work.
i already have Plain Jane.
currently im searching for her first work, Soalnya Hati.
wish me luck!


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