my fake smile

i think im having pms. lol!

i decided to work.
i told my family.
the reactions were:
pa and ma were very encouraged.
grandma kinda hate the idea. she's like "why would you want to work?".
aunty told me to work at uncle's boutique.
as you can see even in this very tiny matter, my family tend to give their opinions.
not really giving opinions, its more to they decide it for me *sigh*
if i say no, that would be disobeying right.
its not like i have any options.
so i just go with them.
you know the drill, nod my head and just say yes.
eventho i dont feel like it.

whatever it is, grandma plays the most important role.
if she said no, no it is.
i want to wear contact lens.
she said no.
so i tried to persuade my pa.
want to know what pa said?
"what did your grandma thinks about it?"
i tried several times after that.
eventually i gave up.

its not like i hate my family or anything.
hate is a strong word.
sometimes i just wish they would give me a break once in a while.
i know i should be grateful because i pretty much have a quite privileged life.
but cant they just give me some freedom.
at least in those tiny matters.

my pa is actually known for how strict he can be.
my sister compared him with this dad character in this movie.

you know my trip to miri?
my dad and i actually have some misunderstanding about my flip flop.
the very one you wore for your feet.
which everyone couldnt care less.
he said he hates it.
for just a weekends in miri.
he bought me a new pair of shoes.
if he gave me that same amount of money,
i can spent it on at least 2 to 3 new arrival of mng tops.

oh yea!
when i was in form 3,
he actually warned me not to have any bf when im still studying.
so, when exactly can i have one since people now introduce

story of my life huh!
im off.


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