i remember every look upon your face

im in a state where i have to choose.
which i hate very much.

i was supposed to start working yesterday.
but i didnt show up. hehe!
i think i'll tell my uncle i dont want to work there.
i'll just stay at home *sigh*
i really want to work badly.
i know myself so well.
i'll only get depressed if im forced to do something im not willing to do.
the reasons i want to work are
im longing to meet my friends everyday like i used to
and some time away from home would be nice.
if i work with my uncle,
i have no friends and
im still under my family supervision. this sucks.
but my grandma said that the money i'll earn will be used to pay my driving fee.
there's go my chance to go shopping.
is that means if i dont work i cant drive.
shoot me please.

moving on.
im getting grumpier and depressed.
so, last night bib asked again if i decided anything yet.
i asked for more time.
i think im getting deaf too.
i cant hear what my heart is saying.

im 17 and young.
i should be having fun and have less responsibility.
bummer! im off.
i want to mop around and walk like a zombie. urgh!


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