i just got back from mall.
i bought new mascara :)
my sister bought liquid eyeliner :D

i bought a book.
so i could kill my time this holiday.
how can a person has too much time?

amy's to-do list:
1. dry school shoes
i washed them but havent dry them :P
2. keep all my books away
yes people. all my books are still on the table. forgive me for being so lazy.
3. gain fatssss
im still working on it.
4. find a boyfriend
preferable someone that looks like chace crawford? lol! dream on.

updates on my love life.
im not seeing anyone exclusively.
im still in contact with "him".
he text me first okay.
i didnt chased after him.
he's not seeing anyone either after ending things with me.
we're cool in more-than-just-friends way but still ...
note to self - avoid commitment phobia boys

till then. ciao!
ps - should i wear contact lenses??


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