hello people!
finally i have the time to update my blog.

spm was over.
thank God.
spm ruined my social life.
im going to do something about that later.

school is over.
i went to school this morning to return my textbooks.
frankly speaking, im going to miss high school.
tho i hate it so much.

currently, im at home.
watching korean dramas in my pj.
i have all the time in the world,
yet i have nothing interesting to do.

speaking of my pathethic life,
im here stucked in kuching
while my siblings went to A'Famosa.
i have the car's key
but i dont have a license.

making it worst.
i bumped into my old flame
the same day spm was over.
fiza tot i was being an egomaniac for not approaching him.
it was so beyond obvious he acted like he did not know me.

there was a saying Mozz gave me.
im going to remember that for my whole life.
it really do describe my life. lol!
till then.


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