its 2010 baby!

hello people!
i read kak wani's blog.
so i tot i should make my own post.
but mine start from 2005 orite people :)

i was in st.teresa for 1 week
then i moved to kolej
i remember i sat behind ezzah.
beside me was nellie.
go figure why we're so close? hehe.
at that time i used to bring comics to school.
i would hide my comics in our class storeroom whenever spotcheck were held.
i used to have a crush on one of the basketball senior :)
he resemble beego so much. haha!

at this time fizie and the three of us used to keluar masok pk hem's room. haha!
macam second home la pulak.
i used to get into trouble with cikgu jaya.
merasa dah pusing padang di awal pagi yang indah. hehe!
there was also rumor of at that time.
nonsense lu jak.
did i make that clear enough.

i used to sleep in madam haliza's class.
dont blame me.
the multimedia room was so cosy.
with the aircond and kerusi yang empok. haha!
but i managed to score her subject doe :))
cikgu bm. she let us melepak kelas sebelah while she's teaching.
melepak mintak permission. haha!
cikgu sejarah did managed to rampas one of my comic.
dah di recycle kah comic saya cikgu??
i got 7A and 1B for pmr.
it was geografi.
tulah dengan cikgu so much.
the phare i missed was "are u still with me?"

things change.
the three musketeer splits up.
nellie and ernie were loba and managed to place themselves at ruby. haha!
i was in sapphire with naz :)
ezzah and the rest were in amber.
fizie was in in topaz.
and ummi was in diamond.
owh. there were nine or ten of us by that time.
sekampong lah katakan.
bm was fun. cikgu ismail ;)
asal bm jak tidor. w/pun dudok depan. haha!
i enjoyed myself writing essays in english.
cikgu jemre usually "ktk org mok belajar kah x aritok?"
of course we said no :p
add math was scary.
chemisty was boring.
i screwed my first experiment.
i didnt even wrote any note.
its an accomplishment if i managed to stay awake
and concentrate throughout the class.
same goes in physics.
but madam hamanah was nice :)
nellie moved to mrsm.
fizie moved to miri in the middle of the year.
we lost a couple of friend too.
but that only made us stronger.

waa. baruk merasa.
berjalan macam sik cukup tanah. haha!
everyday tidor kol 12.
i did involved myself in should i say cinta tiga segi. haha!
lets not dwell on the past.
Mr.MNL forced us to participate in a play for hari kemerdekaan.
that was fun :)
i scored 100% for mathematics test. hehe!
physics with uncle phang was interesting.
i made lots of friend this year.
SPM was nerve wrecking.
let's just hope for the best.

here i come ;)


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