esp for hanum

hanum requested for updates.
so here are the updates.

i went to a dinner with my family.
i discovered that my family is a bit loco. lol!
they took pictures near those huge xmas deco at that place.
my uncle posed like a drag queen.
my mom and brother act like they are tourists.
my dad even run to our car just to take his cam.
my sis and i were seeking place to hide ourselves.

then we went to TJ.
i was sakai watching a santa in purple.
i tot santa is supposed to dress in red.
then he turned around and i saw these x on his bag.
he's the x-pax mascot.
duhal. haha!

my sis told me that i look kontot.
i noe im tall.
yet i look so kontot. hehe!
i started wearing heels around.
so i dont look so kontot anymore :p
and i love them :)

satisfied hanum?? harharhar!
im off. happy bday to u aunty :p


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