im may be naive but definitely not stupid

Some people forgive and forget.
Some people forgive but they wont forget.

Forgive and forget is for enemies.
Remembering enemies are such a waste of time.

Dear friend,
Idk if u do still considered me as a friend of urs.
Coz if u do, u wont betrayed me at the first place.
I forgave u.

Tho u never apologised.
Maybe u think u r at the right side.
O idk what u've done behind my back.

I wont forget u.
I wont forget what u've done to me.
Coz u're my friend.

Im sorry im so cold.
Im sorry for this offended post which is obviously dedicated to u.
Im sorry that im full of hatred.

Everyone learnt, everyone grows up.
But not everyone become an adult.
I hope u wont repeat the same mistake again.
Not everyone are so forgivable.

i dont hate u yet i love u no more
p/s im sorry im not an angel


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