im back

im back in kuching people!
it was a nice week in kl.

on the first night,
i was having jet-lag.

on the second day,
we went to pudu.
my family were looking for butik punye stok baju.

on the third day,
we went to sunway pyramid.
im so putih mata coz i cant skate. uish!

on the fourth day,
we went to one utama.
i have new addictions.
forever 21 and kitschen.
the stuff were awesome.

on the fifth day,
we went to the curve.
stuff at tough were not so tempting as last time.

on the sixth day,
we went to pavilion.
stuff there were so gila babeng punye mahal.

and the last day,
bangun awal.
sahur then mandi.
turun airport.
x sempat pun raon klia.


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