i am hati ais

im so cold people XD
and can get freaky when i need to.

it was a fine day.
i love rainy days :)

i felt like a polar bear.
a huge and heavy white fur polar bear that walks very slow.

this pagi i only managed to read ONE subtopic of bio.
and it was so damn short.
then i went back to bed
i was so lazy.

after i woke up.
i mandi.
tido balit until petang.
and the only reason i woke up was mummy bawak g beli foods.

sungkey just now was so kamboh and bisin.
we ate on the floor coz there were too many of us.
my gramps, my parents, my siblings, my aunties, my uncles, and my cousins.
home is so where my heart is.

thanks to this people whom texts me:
bib wished me selamat berpuasa.
faez was bragging abt her pics.
naz cut her hair.
fiza escape teraweh.
fizie ngereco.
aifa went crazy as always.
izan mms pic of qarish rafael.
nissa requested to be my lesbian partner.
u guys made my day :)


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