im am so untouched

everyone is a drama queen but me.
or is it me?
too cold to respond?
im sorry.
its just the way i am.

its been a dramatic week.
no kidding.

we were talking.
maybe she needs a break.
she'll pull it together tho.
knowing her.
she always does.

lovebirds issues.
maybe they just wanted to leash things out.
you guys will make it through.

shes moving on. great!
but veryyyy perasan.
sayang konon.. lol!

shemale is a girl.
thank god.
physically check!
mentally hancor!

my dear!
hang on there.
you will find your true love.
just stop being too chooooooosy.

1st of every month count!
i'll wait for now.
i dont promise you forever.
yet! its difficult to find someone like you again.


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