please dont feed the humans

the title is dedicated to my tembam cousin

and my other cousin with her baby alive.
ngutik doll ya.

i can update my blog!
idk why my modem is fast only after the sun sets and the moon appear.
sensitive lah u modem.
its not like u are people have feelings.

my holiday was not sucks as always.
my pa and ma always bring me jalan-jalan.
my pa bought a new watch for me.
he said kesian lah jam salu rosak.
so we went to spring.
there was this esprit watch.
kacak habis!
so does the price.
it was rm400+.
my pa told me to buy it.
then again, its not worth it.
here is my sister's watch and mine.

i also bought a pair of jeans.
i just realised i fit into size 27.
fizie said i actually can squeeze into a smaller size.
if i want my jeans to break apart.

today, i bought a recipe book.
idk why im so rajin.
i made a desert.
chocolate nougat fondue.
till then.


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