love me another day

Riddle for today is..

Which 5 letters word,
No matter how you pronounce it,
Is always pronounced wrong?

Hehe! Im not telling you the answer.
Its way easier than Add Maths questions ;p
Mid-Term Examination starts tomorrow.
I havent finish studying.
So typical of me.

I know its berkurun lamanya already.
I dont care.
I still want to wish my mummy Happy Mother's Day.
Cake for you.
I paid Secret Recipe to bake those for you.
Ngehe! Dalam kata lain nya mek beli.

Also Happy Belated Birthday to my dearest brother.

Last Wednesday,

I attended the Pengakap meeting's.

Every patrols must do a performance.

Guess what my patrol did?

The Banana Dance

Im so lucky that I made it in the back row. Hehe!

Im off.

I have to continue my revision.

Ciao people!


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