im the triplet of the olsen twin. wtf..

i received lots of comments like this:

"amy! kurus na kau!" - fain

"ada ati nak gemok. kau ya lah kurus" - nazh

"mun kau ya gemok. aku tok obes" - nursa

lets make it clear.

i never took any kind of diet.


i dont suffered from anorexia or bulimia or whatsoever shit.

believe it or not.

i have big appetite.

i mean BIGG!

i eat a lot.

eating is my favourite pastime.

i dont mind substituting maria tengku sabri for the jalan-jalan cari makan programme.


people also remind me not to get fat:

"amy! dont get fat!" - izan

"ibohh! pahal nak gemok indah" - nellie

"ee.. pelik eiyh! jangan gemok" - efa

people are so confusing.

im thin because my parents passed it down to me.

my dad is lanky.

my mum is petite.

lanky daddy + petite mummy = size 2 daughter

get it?


stop messing your mind figuring how i have skinny minny body.


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