I am back!! I was surfing the other day when i found this...

Everybody agree?? Lols! That is a fact. Huhu! Last Friday was his birthday. We finally met. It was nerve wrecking. We talked. But that was pretty much it. Hmm.. Haha! Puas but sik puas. I want to meet him again.

Last night my family held a makan hol at Dormani Hotel. It was fun. Fain and me got table for two. Aish! With Fain. Sekpa lah. Lain kali with him. Hehe! There was also a phone call from an unexpected old friend. He was furious to hear that. But we turned out to be okay.

Anyway.. Im off to finish that wicked homework. Hoho! Oh yea happy belated birthday to uncle M aka his papa. Hehehe!


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