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life after master degree

I finally have the motivation to write a new post
but before I start my rambling,
I want to convey my condolence to the victims of Pusat Tahfiz Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah
may Allah grant all of you Jannah and your family perseverence to get through the days

in my previous post, I was still unemployed
but today it has been a month since I've been working
it's not a glamorous job or a job that pays a lot
but I'm glad that I managed to land myself a job with a happy working environment
I haven't managed to give some to my parents yet
but insha'Allah once I got my salary for this month

the week before I started my job
I went out to watch the premiere of The Battleship Island
so that was my first time ever to stand in the crowds waiting to catch a glimpse of Korean actors
I was there since 4:30pm and stood about 2 hours with Aireen as my partner in crime
basically it's a rehearsal for us since our plan is to watch BTS or Wanna One concert sin…

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