Wednesday, September 17, 2014


continuing my induksi + MAP story.
we celebrated Malam Ambang Merdeka with the others.
everyone else was dressing up hevat-hevat while me, Nisa and Aireen were still using the same baju kurung we've been wearing from morning lol
plus I was the Senduk Girl so sik kan lah nak ngaut makanan pakey orang lain makey kebaya putih lepas ya turban di palak nak?
then on the day before the new students came we were given a task to do a video on kemerdekaan
I was roaming around Plaza Merdeka in my Liaison Officer's shirt

on the first day of registration
I welcomed the juniors with eye bags under my eyes
I encountered this one girl
she has health problem and a bit on the chubby side
I gave her a room somewhere at the ground level
she was so overwhelmed that she cried at the registration counter

the second day was a bit boring
so we fooled around a lot
when one or two students showed up, we clapped our hands and did some cheers
their expression was like "wth is going on" lol
no more registration means I'm done with my official duty
so I was pretty much menyibuk here and there during the Latihan Dalam Kumpulan
I helped the other facilitators with their activities and such

during the rest of 5 days at the DeTAR
you can find me sleeping under the staircases lol
we were up around 4 am and finished around 11 pm
then the LOs have to stay for the postmortem
so I settled with what I can get
under staircases, near the hall's corner, in the surau...
you name it

during the second day at the DeTAR
this one girl came up to me and said
"kakak, saya lapar."
Nisa, Zizi and Naim were there
Zizi was like "adoi.. comel lah awak ni. tunggu sekejap boleh?"
she said she was sangat lapar and I told her there's nothing I can do about it
she has to wait till lunchtime
udah jak hari ya lunch KFC nendak lapar jak nangga kotak KFC bersusun di luar nak?
they were served with KFC on that day
then Pizza Hut 2 days later

I was on duty during Hari Bersama Fakulti
once the juniors were inside with the staffs
semua terbongkang dekat sofa rah lobi fakulti
sik pandey tidur dudok, lena juak tidur dudok
honestly, the MAP wasn't that tiring
it's just that everyone were not getting enough sleep

during the very last day of MAP
I was on duty as the Dulang Girl
don't ask why.. it just happened that people like to give me that kind of job lol
BRC lost against Allamanda but I must say Allamanda did a really great job on their cheers
I don't remember the other one with the awesome tepuk here and there
but I do remember

wah, hebat!
wah wah hebat hebat!

I'm too lazy to share all the photos here lol
maybe, in the next entry?

and to this guy
I can't wait to see you
soon! hehe!
assalamualaikum :-)

Friday, September 12, 2014


I was home on last Monday but I was exhausted that I spent the rest of the evening napping
but only after I had a bowl of Laksa Sarawak
and bought an eye mask at Sephora, a novel at MPH and a tote bag at Parkson lol

on the next day, I went out with Nisa, Aireen and DJ to kononnya celebrate DJ's belated birthday since everyone seems to not have any class on that day
we went to have a late lunch then DJ originally wanted to buy a phone casing but ended up buying a Bokitta Hijab
Aireen iboh padahlah
her eyes went wide watching all the Sales sign at Parkson
even hesitated to move in front of the Dior perfume counter
then we went to The Galley's because everyone didn't want to go home yet till DJ said "oi balit gik semun dah nyawa."
lepas sampey rumah of course lah terlentang terbongkang dan terkangkang
today, I think my body is finally fully recover from all the sleep deprived

so how was Induksi and MAP?
we went to a camp for 3 days
they took our phones away and only gave them back on the very last day
I already told my parents and nenek beforehand of the possibility so they won't worry about me
I managed to Whatsapp-ed Ashli saying "happy third in advance!" while I was running to my dorm to get my wallet because we were supposed to hand that too and I didn't know
switched off my phone without waiting for Ashli's reply.

I smell like insect repellent through out the 3 days
I even generously sprayed my friends because there are so many mosquitoes around
went jungle trekking and ate rice and eggs cooked using bamboos
I ran furiously went someone shouted "snake!"
kenak rendam dalam air laut by the facilitators!
they were like "tak dengar arahan! pastikan awak basah sampai ke bahu sekarang!"
even got rubbed with salts on our lips
a friend of mine secretly wiped mine off because she said it'll hurt if I let them there too long

once we reached our dorm, Choomie said to sleep in decent clothes because we'll probably gonna have a night walk
so when they turned on the siren I just put on my tudung and took my bag
went out with muka bangun tidur tanpa memberus gigi or whatsoever okay
they blindfolded us and there were spooky voices, girls screaming, people running around
of course everything was made up because I can hear the facilitators nearby talking and giggling
but the were some people who actually read Ayat Kursi because they were so scared
all I can think of at that time was "can I just lay down and sleep since I know everything is fake plus I don't think we entered any jungle by the number of steps that we took."

in the morning, I joined my team members for the sukaneka
we had to turned around for 10 times
then sipped some water from a container and muntahkan everything dalam 2 small mineral water bottles
I didn't took a look at the water bottles.. major euwww
we shouted a loud and long "NO!" when the facilitators said "sekarang mandikan ketua kumpulan korang dengan air tu!"
no one moved an inch then the facilitators had to do it themselves urgh

but it's all good
no one took any of the activities to the heart
even though I'm still tanned till today
I have so much things to write but I'll continue later
have a bless Friday! assalamualaikum :-)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

away for 2 weeks

I have to be in UNIMAS by 12pm so I can get back my rm20 duit cagaran that I paid the other day because the Majlis Tertinggi takut iolls back out at the very last minute then they have to find other people to fill in my place
I'm gonna be off for induksi and the minggu aluan pelajar to welcome the new students
so you're not gonna hear from me for 2 weeks!
I'm not gonna bring my laptop because I don't wanna leave my laptop unattended later when I'm going camping
honestly I have no idea what I got myself into lol
but I know that as long as I have my hand phone, food (I have one small box fill with only food), power bank and

TADA! to keep me looking decent in every pictures huahua
don't miss me. assalamualaikum :-)

Monday, August 18, 2014

of growing up

so last night me and The Know No had quite a serious conversation
because it seems like except for Fahdina and Laila, the rest of us have scary dads
I don't think Uncle Hamid is that scary since he's already like "Fatin sapa gerek kitak?" and be like I'll find you one if you're not seeing anyone
tapi Uncle Ghazi is scary to the power of two lah lol
Nisa said he used to call these two boys to Bilik Guru because they were hitting on Nisa
Uncle Ghazi is a teacher fyi
Nisa said one of them is a bit wise than the other one because he said to Uncle Ghazi that his intention was to be friend with Nisa while the other said he likes Nisa
memanglah kenak lalu lepas ya lol

so I was asking them
apart from inviting your boyfriend over on hari raya
how do you introduce him to your dad
I can't imagine the awkwardness of saying to my dad
"Pak, there's someone I want you to meet."
then run to the kitchen and leave everything else to Andrew Garfield Ashli
then poke my head out to the living room and eavesdrop their conversation
can we please skip that part? no? okay.

I was harassed by my udak when I came to visit my pak nek and mak nek the other day
I call it a harassment because I actually got a bit uncomfortable and even excused myself to the toilet
she was like hugging me and be like "Yasmin! where's your boyfriend?"
she was asking A LOT of questions and said to my mum "Yam.. bila?"
which my mum replied with "sik tauknya eh!"
even my mum reaction is no longer "eh nya gik mudak gik belajar."
it's sik tauk which sounds like "up to you.." to me
this transition of life is so weird

there are some girls who make it obvious how eager they want to get married or engaged and show off their boyfriend in Facebook even when they are friends with their parents in Facebook
then there are girls who keep most of the relationship stuffs as secrets from their parents. like me.
so when you aunt suddenly whispered to your ear "I know about your boyfriend because I saw your Instagram. it's okay for students to get married, you know." then winked at you
it feels like a horror movie
so I'll just go and do THAT LOAD OF STUFF first then I'll think about how to introduce my boyfriend to my dad, later
because my teachers always say, "you should do the easy questions first and skip the difficult ones. afterwards you come back to finish the difficult ones."
assalamualaikum :-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

my boyfriend turned 23

Dear Ashli,

I just want to say
Happy 23rd Birthday

I'm sorry that I'm not there to celebrate it with you
we will probably be celebrating a lot of other occasions through Skype till another 2-3 years more? Insha'Allah I'll make it up to you in October
may Allah bless you abundantly in everything you do
stop thinking too much
jangan lupak solat

I love you
for all that you are
all that you have been
maybe not ALL lol
but definitely all you're yet to be.

Yours, Amy.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

of raya and love

I've been lazying around
so how's raya for you, you, and you?
mine was okay I guess except that I was involved in a minor accident during 7th of raya
total cost was zero injury and 300 Ringgit Malaysia
Naz was excited since it's her first time keluar masuk Balai Polis
third time for me
a total bad ass
I was just kidding
I have zero criminal record
so yeah

I have nothing to write about that's why I haven't updated anything for quite some time
shout out to my friend's first boyfriend ever!
you know who you are
when you hit your 20s
looks is no more a priority
money? urm stability is a yes
a sense of responsibility is definite
ya jak lah

my first raya with this guy
look sayang I chose a picture that hide your double chin :-P
our beraya session was a bit late at night through Skype
we promised to make this relationship work so we gotta do what we gotta do
so that's it from me. stay safe! assalamualaikum :-)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

5'4 in a pair of stilleto

today, I went to fill the car tank
I think this one uncle was surprised by my height lalu menjeling-menjelingku bertentang lol

I'm so sorry pak cik
for being way taller than you :-P
I hope everyone enjoyed their rayasss
stay safe! assalamualaikum :-)