Friday, April 18, 2014

midnight thoughts

if the parallel universe theory is real then does that mean somewhere out there my favorite fictional character is real and is crying over me because I’m fictional?

“I enjoy controlled loneliness. I like wandering around the city alone. I’m not afraid of coming back to an empty flat and lying down in an empty bed. I’m afraid of having no one to miss, of having no one to love.”

“The lovers are a different thing altogether. You see them on the street smooching, groping, laughing, hugging, trying to eat one another in a few big bites. Seeing this makes you smile, but there’s also a jab of something else in your heart towards them that’s like discovering a bone in the middle of a bite of a delicious piece of fish. You must stop eating immediately to locate the thing with your fingers and get it out of your mouth before it chokes you. So too the lovers; you see them and smile, but you also can’t help disliking them a little. Disliking them for their obvious joy, completeness, their this-moment-is-all-that-matters-ness. You have a thousand things on your mind, none of them of any importance. The lovers have exactly one thing on their minds and it is more important than anything. The person they are embracing, their all and everything, completely fills the view through their windshield. You want that; seeing their passion makes you miss it like air when you are deep under water. Chances are, it’s been a while since you felt that crazy about someone, about *anything*. Seeing them is concrete proof of a glory that is possible but not frequent. You want to linger and watch their happiness. At the same time you want to pass quickly by before it reminds you again with a kick in the soul how wonderful life can be sometimes—just not right now for you.”

Saturday, April 12, 2014

come back

I changed my phone's ring tone.
I know you would be like "so what?"
you know that random song that you just somehow relate to?

"I don't wanna let you in,
'Cause I don't wanna let you down,
You think I'm not interested,
The truth is I want you instead.

I don't want to make you wait,
'Cause I know that its not okay,
And if you find another girl,
Just know that it wont be the same.

I don't want to fall in love,
'Cause I don't want to mess it up,
If you think that it's worth a shot,
Well show me, show me what you've got."

not bailing on my 27-Dresses Team though.
no on show me he worth it yet
the We're Gonna Travel the World if We Somehow Still Don' Get Married by the Time We Hit 30 plan is still on heheh
enjoy your weekends. assalamualaikum.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Courtesy Week

I was just checking Morpheus - UNIMAS E-Learning site.

"Dear students,

There will be a Courtesy Week next week 14-18 April 2014 organized by Perfep. The issue chosen for this semester is GREETINGS.

To provide our support for the week, pls display polite behavior & greet your friends, lecturers, staff, acquantances and even strangers.

On morning of our class Tuesday 15 April 2014, pls gather in front of FEB's main lobby at 7.45 AM. We will help doing MORNING GREETINGS. Then, we will go for lecture.

See you there.

“Love may fail, but courtesy will prevail.”
― Kurt Vonnegut Jailbird"

this one lecturer I have is really into all these campaigns.
last time, we had to do a poster to support breast cancer.
not that I'm complaining.
Fatin! we need to do our name card!
you know, just in case a handsome stranger pass by and we have to greet him.
FOR THE VERY OBVIOUS REASON! to support this campaign daaa..
ttyl! I have to design my name card lol

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

doesn't feel like a break

I finally can just relax and breathe.
I haven't spent so much time online because my laptop broke on last Thursday.
I've been running here and there since Friday getting my hands on whoever's laptop and do my works.
I didn't had any time and money to get my laptop fix.
my family was in KL till Sunday so I pretty much had to handle everything by myself.

so what's up?
I went to Fiza's supposed to be surprised belated birthday party.
I was the one brought the cake over and just as I want to hide the cake alu dara ya ngecol diriknya.
we laughed so hard that my stomach hurt lol

after that, I pretty much stayed in to do my assignments which seems endless!
I should meet with Dr. Khalique aka my official supervisor this morning but I haven't come up with a title for my final year project yet so maybe tomorrow, the day after or next week.
I just need a rest. these past few days had wearing me out.
right now, I just want to watch some tv and felt asleep in front of it.
so goodnight. I'll write again later.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

updating my blog because I don't want to do my revision. yet.

assalamualaikum *termengah-mengah*
that's how my life had been these past few weeks.
I can't even hold my breathe underwater long like I used to.
tried it during le familia weekend gateway at Citadines.

so what have I been up to?
spending most of my Friday, hunting for new places to eat.
moved on a bit on MH370 case.
brought back the padlock of my rented house gate once which freaked my landlord big time.
a bit depressed since my friends are graduating sooner which means I'll have to find new lunch partners urgh
maybe I'll just eat alone.
no new boyfriend still.
celebrated my sister's excellent in result in SPM plus her belated birthday party.
attended a cousin's wedding which then my wedges ripped into two. epic!
obsessing over John Green's work.
watched Captain America.
sent my baju raya to my tailor already :-3
haven't ganti my puasa yet though.
helping Fain's selling her Ikat pants which you can check out here.
had my first banana milk tea.
just settled two of my midterm exam.
and another one is coming right up on Thursday.

what I'm up to later?
revising for my Thursday paper.
but before that, probably I'll do some reblog-ing in Tumblr.
got a discussion tomorrow morning.
then a meeting with Dr.Khalique because I just asked him to be my supervisor. I'm almost graduating *menangis keharuan*
does the word keharuan exist??
settled my Research Methodology assignment *ngempas dirik ke lantey goleng-goleng*
some more discussions.
dan cuti!
owh I'm also gonna be home alone this weekend.
everyone is gonna be in KL on Thursday.
and I can't come because I HAVE A FREAKING EXAM!

so yeah.
yeay exciting life I have!
bersyukur lah Amy Yasmin. yaRabbi.
cukup makan sampey boncet walaupun sik berapa nak cukup tdo sampey ada designer bags dibah mata and jerawat berpartayyy di muka.
I even come to an extend where I used tudung Syria TWO DAYS IN A ROW to classes
pasya ngerepak sekda gerek p ngacak dirik sik maok *sigh*
if you guys miss me so much please do visit my Instagram.
I'm somehow always there than here.
so hopefully everyone will have way way way better days than me :-)
take care and assalamualaikum.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Atul turned 22

I know I haven't write anything for quite some time.
this week has been a really busy week for me.
I had 4 mini assignments to be submitted.
I was literally a walking zombie.

however, I had a great time with Atul and Nellie.
we went out yesterday, to celebrate Atul's birthday.
it was simple but really much needed.
me and the birthday girl was desperate for a time out from the reality.

we went to three different restaurant. THREE! before we could find one that was opened. soi mena ya. asal keluar dgn Atul duak Nellie jak.. kedey nak sik pernah2 tutup mesti tutup -.-

I was fooled by the Internet! I thought that vinegar + baking powder = whatsoever thing which will make the balloons float like helium does. I just got Punk'd! in the end, I asked my brother to blow these for me lol

we made it happened anyway.

so... Happy Birthday Atul!

we spent the rest of the evening taking photos which was fun but a little bit tiring.
we ended up at Ding Tea sipping our drinks while I watched Atul and Nellie melayan perasaan cemburu boypreng masing2.
since I don't have one, I scrolled my Twitter's timeline instead #TeamForeverAlone
we spent some time at Atul's afterward, watching Astro Awani while waiting for our phones bluetooth-ing photos to each others.
I actually fell asleep last night because I was too tired.
and I think I should hit the sack now if I don't want to fall asleep in class, tomorrow lol
so goodnight. assalamualaikum :-)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

double pressure

do you know I have been rejected for SPA scholarships twice? lol
I guess bapak has to bear with it for another 3 semesters insha'Allah.
it's just that it makes me feel burden to do better because I've been using a lot of money.
it's like I'm a stock which have to keep my value high to prove how much of a good investment I am
cewah dah pandey pakey business terms lol
alhamdulillah my cgpa keeps on getting better as every semesters passed.
hopefully I can keep it that way till I graduate.
on MBA, I guess we'll just have to see first.
yesterday, Dedek was called by the school to apply for Maybank scholarship.
if she managed to get it, I'll consider pursuing my MBA.
if not, I'll probably have to get myself a job first.
growing up is so not fun!
till later. assalamualaikum.