Thursday, July 31, 2014

5'4 in a pair of stilleto

today, I went to fill the car tank
I think this one uncle was surprised by my height lalu menjeling-menjelingku bertentang lol

I'm so sorry pak cik
for being way taller than you :-P
I hope everyone enjoyed their rayasss
stay safe! assalamualaikum :-)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Raya 2014

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a bit busy today
so I'm taking this opportunity to wish my blog readers
I know I've wronged a lot of people urm batinly? hahah
zahirly tak sangat kot I can't even slap a mosquito in one try apatah lagik orang :-P
watch your health, stay safe, solat jangan tinggal *cough*remind dirik mpun actually*cough*
please do inform me earlier if you're planning to come over takut I'm not gonna be home okay?
kepada Fatin dan Efa mun tahun tok duak datang rumah I kol 12 tengah malam I sambut guna baju kelebar hehe
assalamualaikum :-)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

of being insecure

I'm reaching that phase where little things are bothering me.
I'm mostly a reasonable girl.
but I don't think I'm as reasonable as I used to be.
shits happened and people changed.
I changed and I hate it.

last Sunday, I went out with Aisyah.
we talked about things.
Aisyah said something about trusting a person then the person misused your trust and now you're just unreasonable insecure.
the thing about being insecure is that you tend to be a bit clingy and it's annoying.
you know how annoying you are but you just can't help it.
I haven't reach the clingy phase
but insecure yes. annoying? about to if I don't control myself *sigh*

and I hate talking things out.
it makes me feel so vulnerable.
that's why when I'm in a really bad mood I just don't talk. literally. to anyone.
except my mama because she's capable of repeating her questions 150 million times.
so I have to answer them before I get really annoyed.

my coping mechanisms are shutting down and take my time till I feel much better.
then it's all rainbows and butterflies once more.
talking things out? pftttt

Saturday, July 19, 2014

surrounded by weird people

so Dina, Nisa, Fatin, Laila and me were talking about kids
we are reaching that phase so its pretty much a common topic nowadays
jap I don't think Dina was involved in the conversation
I can't remember!
it's normal for us to leave out Dina
bangun tidur lambat, makan lambat, berkemas lambat, lampi jak lagik so yeah

Nisa said she wants kids without having have to deliver them but they have to be from her and her husband
Fatin said she wants 5 kids if she's lucky enough to find a man good enough to be her husband
amin yaRabbal alamin
she wants Taylor Lautner  as a husband!
dah tua pun masih cerewet
then there's Laila
"Awang Noah Zulkipli Ishak Yaakub Yusuf Ayub Syuib Musa Harun Daud Sulaiman Yahya Isa bin Awang Muhammad."
I see what you did there
you just sang the song didn't you?
I just want to say I have weird friends

and a weirder boyfriend
"Sayang when we have our own house we need to have a basement yang boleh jadi bomb shelter."
"Sayang do you think I have pretty eyelashes?"
"Tadi I hisap Crystal Menthol"
he puts the Vicks crystal in a bowl, added hot water to it then inhaled it
"If only I had a nerdy woman I could give this to..."

which I said "Tak nak" too..
but these weird people keeps me happy
so I'll just keep them forever
sweet sik kamek? hewhew
assalamualaikum :-)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

purple umbrella

I was scrolling by Tumblr dashboard

relatable feelings
hesh I miss Ashli
earlier today, I made my brother to take back my purple umbrella from my aunt lol
I didn't know my aunt borrowed THAT particular umbrella
lokek sik Amy? lol
my boyfriend gave me that!

there's actually a story behind the umbrella
that day, Ashli parked my car SO FAR AWAY from the airport entrance
it was already 430 and I had to pick up my mum from work
I told Ashli to just borrow anyone's umbrella and walk me to my car then give it back to the owner
but he said "I'll just buy you an umbrella."
then I made some faces and insisted no one is selling umbrellas at the airport and mentioned multiple times that he shouldn't had parked the car so far away

but, he managed to find and buy an umbrella
walked me to my car
then I noticed his left sleeve was soaking wet
because I'm a selfish girlfriend
3/4 of the umbrella was probably covering me alone lol
and he didn't said a thing.

I know he'll read this
stop stressing so much
stop thinking weird thoughts
just take care of your health
and I'll see you in October insha'Allah
get well soon sayang :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

of hair cut

today, I went to get a haircut
unfortunately, this place that I usually go to has closed down
so I went to another place.
the kakak yang gunting my hair gaok lalu!
I end up looking like Chibi Maruko Chan with a really bad bob cut T.T
that's what I told Ashli.

Ashli is a bit biased when it comes to me, everything is supercalifragilistic!
I just learnt that word. from him.
so tettt!
of course I turned to my friends.
Fain said I look like Professor Snape.
Ernie suggested that I cut some of the hair off by myself
because my right side is a bit longer than the left side
Fatin? she just laughed it off.

THE HAIR but nooo mama won't let me perm my hair pfttt

 what I asked the kakak to do

how my hair looks like

I was surprised to find a similar haircut on Tumblr lol
but I found some really cool videos on Youtube
I need a curling iron hehe
later! assalamualaikum :-)