Friday, November 21, 2014

still busy as a bee

yesterday, I finally submitted my final year project report 1 to my supervisor
I didn't had the chance to ask his opinion on my chapter 3
there are some parts I'm not satisfied with and I know can improve but *insert sigh*
so hopefully all is well
when I was printing my report
the kakaks at CAIS was watching that movie lol

alhamdulillah lepas dah beban satu
boleh pergi GSC tangga Hunger Games!
kidding! I have an appointment with Summer's Starbucks manager for one of my assignment later in the evening *snores*
and I have another exam on Monday
so later people!
assalamualaikum :-)

Monday, November 10, 2014

12 am thoughts

I went out with my sister just now
and we talked about relationships, boys, men...

honestly, I foresee myself with one of the nice guy
I mean I have always been into nice guys
plus, I've been taking care of myself so I could marry one
so why should I marry one who's not?

wanita yang baik itu untuk lelaki yang baik dan begitu juga sebaliknya
how more of nice should you be to deserve one?
ever thought of that?
but your not so nice partner can change with His will
His will and your guidance, right?
so how good are you to guide one?
I'm in no position to play God

"Finding the right man for marriage
is the second challenge.
The first challenge is
to be the right woman
that a right man wants to marry."

I have no idea why I'm writing THIS
everything doesn't seem to add up lol
its just me and my 12 am thought
I hope if I ever stray from the right path
please pull me back
thank you in advance
assalamualaikum :-)

Monday, November 3, 2014

meeting his family

guess who was in a really good mood this morning? me!
so IT WAS NOT AS BAD as I though it would be
thank Allah for Inara lol
scene bersepak kaki dibah meja dengan Ashli sekda tapi scene berkubit ada
nasib muka ingga ku sik keluar
there was this one time I felt really uncomfortable so I got up and brought Inara to fool around with the restaurant's decorations bahaha
when Ashli said "my family likes you" terus lega
I guess Inara played a huge role because Ashli said its rare for her to instantly like new people she just met

Ashli secretly snapped this

so today when I met Ashli's dad, it was not that awkward
I didn't even hide how whiny I got when I'm hangry lol
and uncle took a lot of pictures of me and Ashli
when I said a lot,  I mean A LOT
sik payah ceritalah betapa berpeluh and belawunya muka iolls

congratulations sayang!

insha'Allah next year turn dirik pun amin yaRabbal alamin
assalamualaikum :-)

Sunday, November 2, 2014


so its 12 in the morning and I'm reading Ladylike Laws: Meeting His Family
mun bapak call tengah dinner gney?
esok nak kelaka in bm kah english?
if you notice, I'm more comfortable writing in English but I don't really speak the language so much so my English is rusty
and Ashli is very judgemental and his mum is an English teacher *shot self*
haih sekpat nguras
stressssss yaRabbi mudahan hilang sora esok so sik payah kelaka T.T

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


whenever Rude is playing in the radio I would say to Ashli "eh sayang your song!"
the two of us have consider that my dad especially, might not like him so much hahaha
someone posted this video then he shared the link to me
terasa lettew hahaha
Happy Diwali to those who celebrating!
assalamualaikum :-)

Monday, October 20, 2014

i hate keyboard warriors

so pegang asuk in an issue right now
asuk means dog
this is my stand in this matter
first, I love dogs
second, I knew beforehand that as Muslims you're not supposed to keep dogs as a pet
third, I also knew that you can touch dogs if your hands and the dogs are both dry
but I'm one of those people who have sweaty palms that is why I don't have the guts to
fourth, thanks to Dijah now I know that touching dogs without needs is haram
fifth, husnuzon people! I'm pretty sure the organizer of the I Want To Touch A Dog event has a really good intention
sixth, Al-Quran pun sekali setahun baca, share articles pun unreliable. AS SO CALLED GOOD MUSLIMS DAMMIT STOP BEING KEYBOARD WARRIORS.
seventh, please stop being so sarcastic about it like ending your article with stuff like "what's next? I want to touch a pig event?" because I don't see any good coming out from those sentences. don't make any more damages.
eight, those people who touched the dogs and the organizers probably learnt their lessons and already repent. you people who keep on talking ill about them bila mahu taubat bro?
renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal

Sunday, October 19, 2014

school reunion

I just saw Hilal's tweet to Ashli about their school reunion
Kuching is so small that I don't think anyone need to attend a school reunion to catch up with everybody
you can find out about what everybody is up to these days in Instagram
if you have always been on the good side of the teachers then yes, please do attend
I'm sure they are more than happy to see you again after so long
if you were known to bring your hand phones to school then got caught, contributed to all the whispers in the class and sometimes help your classmates skip Chemistry class like me
sik perlulahhh lol
so I never attend any of my schools' reunions
but if there's one that I want to attend that would my kindergarten's
seriously, what are you guys up to these day?