Tuesday, May 3, 2016

ada apa dengan cinta 2

so I watched AADC2!
can I really type this? will someone murder me giving out spoiler??
anyway, I think it was meh prolly because I had high expectation
however, there were 2 scenes being censored and I was like
I said it out loud in the cinema

once I came home, I told Ashli that
he was so annoyed and he said he'll gonna filter all these movies that I can watch
because they're messing with my mind and making his life a living hell
for those who watched the first one, you need to watch this one
so you can get a proper closure lol

 musim terus berganti
 tapi hati tetap sama


Monday, May 2, 2016

Make Up Revolution Lip Lacquer

recently I bought a lip lacquer from Make Up Revolution

LOVE THE PACKAGING! it looks so expensive!
but since I'm not a fan of lipgloss ...
so I mixed it with my Jordana Matte Lipstick
which you can see in the third picture
that's why there's a tint of gloss on the inner of my lips

I found out there's a matte version of it
I will prolly take orders for the matte one later on
I just purchased the one in the second picture so I can show them to uolls
can't wait! later! assalamualaikum :-)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

of being different

I can finally breathe because I'm done with my exams!
I even managed to come and see Nana and Wan for their convocation

Wan is actually my cousin from my mom's side and Nana is his wife
if you think she looks familiar it's prolly because she did some modelling jobs with Karangkraf
basically we were anak anjang, anak usu and anak-anak udak in 1 picture

I love this picture so much
because it potrayed what The Almighty have planned for you
you might be family and of the same age
but your journeys are different
Nana and Wan finally graduated
Efa, insha'Allah will graduate next year
and yours truly just started master degree

what I want to say is that
everyone is different
we struggles and sin differently
and we are also being rewarded differently
sometimes, all you need to do is keep moving forward
and see what Allah has plan for you
don't fret so much
assalamualaikum :-)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

empty and sinning

I've been spending my days watching special episodes of Descendants of the Sun
because I need a break from doing any revision

I've been feeling a bit empty
sometimes I do feel melancholic
without any reasons

I've been missing my boyfriend tremendously
prolly because I've been watching DOTS
that's why I rarely watch love dramas
they make me miss my boyfriend T.T

the weather is so hot
and it's hazey in Shah Alam
the world is about to end
and I can't even get shawl to be long enough
to cover my chest

*sigh* assalamualaikum

Friday, April 22, 2016

Be Good To Your Body

alhamdulillah I feel so much better now
but I'm still coughing like crazy

anyway, do you remember about that lip scrub that I bought end of last year? you can get em from me now!
not just the lip scrub, there's foot soak, face scrub, face serum, lip balm, lotion bar, body scrub, body soap, body oil, and essential oil!

lemme list out the benefits of each of them for you
1. foot soak basically helps to relax tired feet. it soothes your muscle, aches and pains. plus it helps to kill those bacteria under your toe nails. I am recommending this one to those who suffer from sakit kaki alot.

2. body oil helps to moisturized our skins. thus, it is suitable for those who suffer from dry skins, like yours truly *add 1 in cart for myself*

3. face scrub helps to remove dirt and dead skin on your face. if you haven't seen any difference from using your current product, you might want to give this a try..

4. face serum is a necessity that a lot of people didn't know. it helps with breakout and complexion. for once, try to splurge on face serum and buy cheap alternative for other skincare product. it helps you to save more money because serum does so much more for your skin than other products.

5. lip balm, as we all know helps with dry and chapped lips. the lip balm comes in 5 flavours, afternoon tea, lime drops, mint breeze, rose garden, and mandarin lemonade. and it's only RM10/each!

6. aaa the wonderful lip scrubs, it is available in 3 flavours. the one I have is mojito but you can opt for vanilla cookies and afternoon tea.

7. the lotion bar comes in 2 sizes, big tub and travel tub. if you just want to check out the smell and see the result, I recommend you to buy one in travel tub and if you love it, you can always buy the big tub later on :-)

8. body scrubs is great for pemalas like me hahaha plus it helps to get rid of the deodorant residue on your armpit. a lot of people like the one in afternoon tea but you can always opt for soothing serai, mandarin lemonade, rose garden or lavender dreams.

9. the soap bar comes in 8 different smells. however, best seller are mojito, soothing serai, lavender dreams and mint mist.

everything will be up on Hera's Beautique sometimes next week
so, side some of your money aside to buy em from me lol
assalamualaikum :-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

of midsem break

I'm writing this from my bed
I've been down with a cold
and it's getting worst
so I'm just gonna skip my class today
because I have am to pm classes plus exam tomorrow
so I just can't let myself getting worst

le fam was here in Shah Alam the week before my midsem break
because le sister finished her modules
so currently, she's waiting to sit for exams
and we'll see if she will fly to UK or not
*start saving money so I can come along and see my boyfriend send her off*

speaking of my siblings
my brother is going to sit for interview for his diploma
I'll do it in a bit I PROMISE!

finally went to I-City
nang kita tok kedak ya bah
nak depan mata sik dihargai
nak belakang rumah iboh padah hahahah
it was okayyy but I was looking for more adrenaline rush rides

had a blast one week in Kuching
had Bumbu Cabe's Ayam Kecap, Laksa Sarawak, Sugarbun, 3 Layer Tea, and Cupcake Gula Apong
managed to go cafe hunting
met almost everyone

thank you for those who purchased Jordana Matte Lipstick from me!
glad that everyone loves their lipsticks
I'll be taking more orders this weekends or next week
there might also discounts on some stuffs
so follow Hera Beautique's for updates

I want to write more but I think I should do my revision whilst I'm feeling good
so later! assalamualaikum :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I've been in Kuching for 3 days already
I've been trying to make time for my family, friends, study and my business
I will prolly just gonna stay at home today
to settle my works and I might clean my room too
I will be delivering everyone's order tomorrow

I'm expecting another batch of lipstick today
so expect my call tomorrow ladies!
apart from that, you can get these from me

Lovisa's temporary henna tattoo is RM15/sheet
the BK Super Matte Top Coat is RM12/bottle
but I'm selling it RM10/bottle for those who buys more than 2
the notebooks are RM10/each
but you can get it for RM8/each if you buy more than 2

this is the only time I'll be selling the notebooks
it was a random interesting found
last day for COD is Friday
so if you're in Kuching and you're interested
you know what to do
assalamualaikum :-)