Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ray Ban wayfarer for hazy days

I’m pressing every alphabet on the keyboard, slowly and carefully
because I’m still waiting for my nail polish to dry..
I need new colours!
I really should do some shopping..

speaking of shopping
I’ve been doing some shopping for my graduation ceremony at Zalora
and I saw awesome collection of Ray Ban wayfarer for women
I googled wayfarer
it means, a person who travels on food foot
we should be able to travel on food!
so we don't have to buy gas for the car!
but then, I don't think everyone will arrive at their destination
we will probably eat everything halfway through

I really like the Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses in solid green colour
it has a little bit of pattern
just like my current everyday spectacles
I really really really like it!
I’m not into the traditional black shades
the colour doesn’t do much for me like these ladies

so pretty much wowww
you can click the link to check out the collection
and see by yourself what I’ve been talking about

if you can’t afford it yet
put it on your Zalora’s wishlist
you’ll get a notification if the one in your wishlist is on discount!
currently I have 5 items in my wishlist
just so you know
shopaholic on the loose!

I really should go and do my the nails on my other hand
happy browsing!
assalamualaikum :-)

Monday, September 14, 2015

on the roll

another update
because I'm on the roll

I noticed some plaque on my tooth
just one tooth
thank God
but it's still bothersome

I tried the to brush it off using baking soda
but it didn't get rid of it completely
so I guess I need to buy a specialised toothpaste like Sensodyne
I hope it'll get rid of the plaque and help with my sensitive teeth

oh yea the Sumaiyyah Hair Serum works just great
it's actually a spray
the texture is not as sticky as Loreal Anti-Frizz Serum
and not as oily as Minyak Zaitun Safi
but it doesn't smell so great
hopefully GVC hair serum does

so that's it from me
assalamualaikum :-)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

me, hair and doubt

I think my dad just pay the broadband
I can even Tumblr-ing now

recently, I cut my hair short
it was impromptu
and my Internet was not cooperating
although I want to cut em like


I end up cutting em like this

it's fine
its just that instead of bob-like cut
I want something pixie-like
but, I really like how it turns out

the thing about short hair is that
when its frizzy, its ugly
I've been using Loreal Anti-Frizz Serum

but I have doubt using em
I'm scared that my wudhu doesn't get through my hair
quoting this blog that quoted Mufti Brunei

"Dengan itu, adalah tidak sah sembahyang seseorang yang memakai minyak wangi atau minyak rambut yang mengandungi alkohol yang diambil daripada arak kerana ia adalah najis."

"Bagaimanapun minyak wangi atau minyak rambut yang mengandungi alkohol
yang dihasilkan melalui sintetik atau tiruan dari campuran bahan kimia
adalah harus menggunakannya, kerana ia bukan najis."

"Apabila timbul keraguan seumpama ini,
menurut ajaran Islam, perkara tersebut hendaklah ditinggalkan."

I've been extra paranoid about this kind of stuff since my Strategic Management class
since I'm not well informed of the ingredients that are being use to make the serum
and wearing em for solat always make me feel uneasy
I've been looking for other option

so I found Sumaiyyah Hair Serum at Facelook
its a product by Earth Nature Biotech
honestly, I'm not familiar with the products and brands
but I'll give em a try
I will let you know if it's any good

I was actually looking for hair serum from Good Virtues Co
but I didn't found it
so maybe next time

a bit of advice for both company
you might want to put a bit more of who you are out there
because extra paranoid consumer like me
would like to know who you are
and what are you trying to achieve with your products

like if its just for the sake of benefit from that Halal logo
or you really are good and concern
peace and assalamualaikum :-)

p/s can't find Earth Nature Biotech in Halal Directory
I think I'll stick to products from Watsons
after I finish this RM14.70 hair serum
membazir amalan syaitan

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

this is me trying to blog more often

I just cleared the links of inactive blogs that are being displayed on my blog
if you notice them
I miss reading well-written blogposts
and I miss reading people's rants
I wish there are lots more people who still actively blogging *sigh*

so what's up?
honestly, this year I didn't really felt the spirit of Hari Kebangsaan
I think it has to do with all these stuff happening in and to our country
but I was really grateful that most of the channels are made available by Astro
it was a party time for a couch potato like me woohoo!

it has been 5 days that Ashli left for UK
I'm still trying to adjust the fact that he just woke up whilst I'm already on my way back from work
it's not so much about the distance but it's the time
sometimes, I woke up at odd hours and would be exchanging Whatsapp with him half asleep

found a great substitute for Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel!
nowadays, FOTE gel is so expensive I almost cried when I read the price tag T.T
so I opt for Safi Moisturizer with Aloe Vera Extract
wayyy cheaper and it works wonder for my skin
say no more to dry skin and redness around my lips
plus it absorbs my compact powder more effectively
I still look so fresh so clean even when the clock already strike 2pm

yesterday, I went to accompany Dijah to look for a concealer
I came in and plays with the nail polish and that's it
I don't know what primer is
and why you have to put on foundation before concealer
cikgu sekolah kamek sik ajar okay
the reasons behind the pale face lol
and the stuffs are sooo expensive too
might as well pergi makan

I'm also trying to start reading again
hopefully I'll maintain my momentum
a book per day
makes you immune to idiocy
I was just kidding
to be or not to be an idiot
is up to you and you alone

signing off
assalamualaikum :-)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

finally another update

I've been meaning to update my blog
but I accidentally deleted the draft zzzz

okay first thing first
this is my 7th week of internship
another 5 weeks before it all ends insha'Allah *insert lagu NV*
the song is not related to this post
but its so annoying that it's been playing on repeat in my head

last two week, Ashli was in town
I bought some cupcakes to celebrate his belated birthday
ordered them from a junior of mine
you can click here for her Instagram account

me and Ashli went to our first open house together
at PROTON hahaha
everyone was like "Ashli nampak kurus!"
it's the baju guys
tipah tertipu

I was not aware of this picture
taken by my dad
he posted it on his Instagram
yes he has one
he brought Ashli for a short tour in my kampung
and told the elders that Ashli is his menantu
even Ashli was taken aback by his words
sabar okay

freaked out over a Whatsapp that Ashli's mom sent to me
it says, thank you bahahaha
because I helped Ashli out to buy her caftans
you're welcome with a smiling emoji saved the day pheuw

oh! found this picture in Aunt Julie's Facebook account
it was from Dan's and Farah's wedding
Inara was like "I have a really weird family"
I bet she looked like this
close up

last but not least, happy 26th anniversarry bapak and mama!
thank you for funding me for 25 years!
insha'Allah masih bernafas and dah ada kerja by 25 tahun
amin ya Rabbal alamin
that's it from me
later! assalamualaikum :-)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

from me to you

it's midnight and I'm listening to all the sad songs in my laptop
I'm in one of those mood
I'm on my period
if you're wondering

Ashli is a bit sick
it's been quite some time
he feels like shit
that's how he described his condition
so he's been going to sleep earlier than usual
and I miss him

I know you'd be like
of course you miss him
you don't get to meet him as often as other couple

it's not about seeing him, touching him or heck smelling him
it's about, not connecting to him emotionally as much as I used to
it's been a cycle of good morning, I'm going out for lunch now, I'm driving back now, and I'm home
it's not that it's a bad thing
but I want more

I want more
I want more because it's going to be this same cycle once he's off to UK
there's no more me lying on my bed at the same time as him
because it will be 12.15 am in Malaysia and 5.25 pm in England

he's probably on his way home from class but I'm already on my bed
he will probably want to talk to me because it's midnight over there
but I can't because I'm at work

I want so much from him that I managed to wake up at 3 am because he called
he called because he can't sleep
he called because his tummy hurts so bad

I'm so scared that I'll miss his phone calls
early in the morning
I'm so scared that he'll say that he's got into another car accident
I'm so scared that he'll say he's hurting and no one knows
I'm so scared that he can't get enough sleep because it'll affect him the next day

and there's me
who's been depending so much on him emotionally
don't give me that bullshit
that nothing will change
because it will
and now I need to start to learn to adapt to the changes
and be the most understanding person on earth

it's so hard
just thinking of it
makes me cry
no kidding

I didn't tell Ashli
because hes been feeling like shit
so he needs his sleep
although I feel like shit

thank God I bought that eye masks
I need them
because I can't go to work with puffy eyes

so this is me
sad, scared and depressed
not to mention ugly
with puffy eyes and runny nose
signing out
good night

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I've been busy with life
therefore, the hiatus

anyway, this is my fourth week of internship
I'm doing mine at PROTON Edar Sdn Bhd Kuching
I'm enjoying my working environment,
the bosses and staffs are friendly,
the prayer room is comfortable,
and the toilets are super clean lol
during my first week, I only went to work for 3 days due to Eid
then started to work again on Tuesday

my Eid was so-so
I was down with fever after the celebrations
insha'Allah ada dosa-dosa kenak hapus ya
and speaking of fever
I feel like I'm catching another one
I think its because of my nenek
she's not feeling well and it sorta affecting me..

I'm signing out
I need to wake up early to send my brother to school because my dad is not around
my nenek is not feeling well
and so does my boyfriend
last night, he called me up sometime around 3 in the morning
because he can't sleep
that's twice this week

nothing interesting happened recently
I hope that explains my abandoned blog
so later
assalamualaikum :-)