Tuesday, December 16, 2014

feeling 22

guess who turned 22 on last Sunday?
Vanessa Amy Hudgens me of course!
I said it once, I'll say it again.
birthdays are overrated lol

Daneil was really sweet though
he gave me the duckscarve from the Stay Beautiful campaign!
and it was fun to meet up with Aisyah because both of us haven't see each other for quite some time.
I also went out for dinner with Dina and Fatin
I wasn't expecting anything so it was fun to just get out of the house
I even stuffed myself with seafood last night
bapak's treat of course

its the last week of lectures
I'm excited to just get this semester over with already
I'm excited to start sending out my internship application
although I already dropped my resume to some of the companies
mostly oil & gas companies but honestly, I'm not interested to work with those kind of companies

and most of the companies that I want to apply with are not located here
which makes my choices limited because I HAVE to find one that offers allowances
this girl need to eat and I don't think I can reach the office on foot
did I mention the possibilities of the need to rent a house?
but I can crash my cik's or my udak's place
I promise, you won't even realize that I'm there lol

I used my stalking skill for a good use
so I found out that Paramount pays RM750 per month and I can even apply for transport or accommodation allowances
but I'm more interested to do my internship at Astro!
Astro gives out RM650 per month plus RM70 meal allowance
another but, I'll start doing my internship in July which is 1 month behind its intake zzzzz
Groupon pays the intern RM800 per month, yeay!
so I'm considering of applying there.

other than those two, Petrofac stated I should include expected salary in the resume and Kimberly-Clark does compensate its intern too I guess
companies that I want to apply with but I don't think they pay are Star Publication, Padini, Brandthink, Loreal, and Lion Group
Malaysian Times offers an internship but Star Publication stated that it will let an intern to contribute contents, so yeay!

let just say, I am a marketing student but I'm not interested in sales department
I'm more interested in advertising and journalism
which I have not let my dad knows that if I'm pursuing my master degree
it'll be in communication majoring in either one of these two

it's almost 10pm and I have not taken my shower yet
so I should go now
I'll write again later
assalamualaikum :-)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

buzzing around

pardon me for lack of updates
end of semester = no life
still running here and there
next week, I have to present 2 projects
the week after I have to submit group assignment on India's GDP

Ashli is busy too
he started to work at Berjaya University on last Monday
so I've been his alarm clock since then
I'm still trying to get used to his busy schedule zzzzz

I have no life and I'm broke
so no cafe hunting, no Mockingjay, no girls day out for me
and I'm missing Ashli a lot

but this was not my doing
I so did not stick this thing on Dr Mahani's notice board lol

Saturday, November 29, 2014

reality hits hard

it has been almost 5 years since the last time I tried to get things my way instead of my dad
which of course, failed miserably
I have no idea why I even tried at the first place
I never have enough motivation to try again afterwards
until today

I'm not a rebellious child
99% of my life was spent trying not to get into any troubles
if I did, I usually try not to let my parents found out about it
I'm merely trying to survive this temporary life
trying to make it into the people-who-will-go-to-heaven list

I know my parents are struggling to make ends meet
so I sorta expressed my thought to my mum
then my dad found out about it

let's put it this way, 
I kinda crushed my dad's dream
he made it clear that he wants to see me pursuing my master
but I can't
not this way
I don't feel good making my parents making more sacrifices just for a dream

so, sorry bapak
this time, we're doing it my way
maybe I will or maybe I will not pursue my master
we'll just have to wait and see

me and my sister are quite good at this
crushing my dad's dream
you might will not have kids who have master degree in hands
or a kid who will eventually become a doctor or an engineer
though, the latter, you might want to talk Daneil into it
which probably will fail too
but, the 3 of us
we are trying
to make you proud

maybe dedek and Daneil will marry a doctor or engineer!
you should tell dedek to find one
she will agree to it
dedek is a bit all about kaching! kaching! $.$
Ashli is staying true to his ultimate goal in life
to share knowledge and wipe out all the ignorant people out from the surface of this earth
so me no have a doctor or engineer boyfriend

on the bright side, if he passed your what-it-takes-to-date-my-daughter test and get the green light from you
we will probably stay in Kuching
although Ashli did said "dad cakap if you do well, he'll help you to find a job. tak nak I pindah Kuching lah tu."
we'll talk about that in another 2 years okay

Friday, November 28, 2014

yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong berciciran

so did you guys heard about the Stay Beautiful campaign by dUCk x P&G?
I wanted the scarf so I went to The Spring
and asked around if the scarfs are still available then one of the worker said yes
so I spend RM40+ on things I don't need so much
I went to the counter then the worker said she doesn't know anything about it
so I left dengan perasaan hampa
but I decided to go back and asked a different worker

then I thought I should check out another Watsons
so I did
then the worker said there are 2 more available
so I bought another useless stuff for RM40+
then I asked why I didn't get the scarf
she said she doesn't know why it didn't appear on the machine
so me and another 3 Watsons worker were reading the whole terms & conditions on the brochure at the counter
there were no other people around bah
I did my sad face then one of the worker said probably the promotion is applicable to only some of the items
then I left
I'm the type of people who know when to stop
so I stop and head home

number of Watsons visited: 3
number of Guardian visited: 1 ( I entered it by mistake then head straight to the counter but iolls kan sik  pemalu so I was like "sorry kak I thought this is Watsons" waved to them macam Miss Universe then dashed out of the store )
so now I have 1 new toothbrush, a cleanser, 1 night cream, 1 shampoo, 2 conditioners, and 2 car fresheners
with the amount of Olay I bought I better got fairer in 16 days!

anyhoo, anyone need new bottles of shampoo and conditioners?
I'll sell them to you for cheaper price than retails store
no? okay.

so lemme help you guys with this,
the scarfs are still available at Watsons Plaza Merdeka and Jalan Song
you guys need to buy RM40 of P&G products
wait for it!
but the items must consist of Pantene or Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioners
just to be safe, buy Oral-B Pro-Health Mouth Rinse 500ml (Fresh Mint)
that should exceed RM40

if you guys are not going to buy Duckscarves ( in Strawberry Milkshake ) for my birthday
don't you dare mentioning it to my face
I'm so pissed off right now
I can't even

Thursday, November 27, 2014

fed up

if I do get mad at you at most stupidest thing ever in the world
you must be really important
its either that or you're my group mates
the latter happened a lot lately
sik tauklah udah berapa tahun hidupku berkurang tegal mala manas

anyhoo I hate getting used to things that might make I hate you in the future
there are things that happened repeatedly and it's starting to irritate me to an extent of almost fed up
once I got fed up, I will gradually become less concern of you
because ignoring you means less stress and happier me

I can't walk around and be angry all the time can't I?
I don't remember when did I automatically operated myself that way
but that's just how I work
getting angry at people always take a lot of my energy zzzz
I really should register myself up for an anger management class
ciao people

Friday, November 21, 2014

still busy as a bee

yesterday, I finally submitted my final year project report 1 to my supervisor
I didn't had the chance to ask his opinion on my chapter 3
there are some parts I'm not satisfied with and I know can improve but *insert sigh*
so hopefully all is well
when I was printing my report
the kakaks at CAIS was watching that movie lol

alhamdulillah lepas dah beban satu
boleh pergi GSC tangga Hunger Games!
kidding! I have an appointment with Summer's Starbucks manager for one of my assignment later in the evening *snores*
and I have another exam on Monday
so later people!
assalamualaikum :-)

Monday, November 10, 2014

12 am thoughts

I went out with my sister just now
and we talked about relationships, boys, men...

honestly, I foresee myself with one of the nice guy
I mean I have always been into nice guys
plus, I've been taking care of myself so I could marry one
so why should I marry one who's not?

wanita yang baik itu untuk lelaki yang baik dan begitu juga sebaliknya
how more of nice should you be to deserve one?
ever thought of that?
but your not so nice partner can change with His will
His will and your guidance, right?
so how good are you to guide one?
I'm in no position to play God

"Finding the right man for marriage
is the second challenge.
The first challenge is
to be the right woman
that a right man wants to marry."

I have no idea why I'm writing THIS
everything doesn't seem to add up lol
its just me and my 12 am thought
I hope if I ever stray from the right path
please pull me back
thank you in advance
assalamualaikum :-)