Wednesday, October 22, 2014


whenever Rude is playing in the radio I would say to Ashli "eh sayang your song!"
the two of us have consider that my dad especially, might not like him so much hahaha
someone posted this video then he shared the link to me
terasa lettew hahaha
Happy Diwali to those who celebrating!
assalamualaikum :-)

Monday, October 20, 2014

i hate keyboard warriors

so pegang asuk in an issue right now
asuk means dog
this is my stand in this matter
first, I love dogs
second, I knew beforehand that as Muslims you're not supposed to keep dogs as a pet
third, I also knew that you can touch dogs if your hands and the dogs are both dry
but I'm one of those people who have sweaty palms that is why I don't have the guts to
fourth, thanks to Dijah now I know that touching dogs without needs is haram
fifth, husnuzon people! I'm pretty sure the organizer of the I Want To Touch A Dog event has a really good intention
sixth, Al-Quran pun sekali setahun baca, share articles pun unreliable. AS SO CALLED GOOD MUSLIMS DAMMIT STOP BEING KEYBOARD WARRIORS.
seventh, please stop being so sarcastic about it like ending your article with stuff like "what's next? I want to touch a pig event?" because I don't see any good coming out from those sentences. don't make any more damages.
eight, those people who touched the dogs and the organizers probably learnt their lessons and already repent. you people who keep on talking ill about them bila mahu taubat bro?
renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal

Sunday, October 19, 2014

school reunion

I just saw Hilal's tweet to Ashli about their school reunion
Kuching is so small that I don't think anyone need to attend a school reunion to catch up with everybody
you can find out about what everybody is up to these days in Instagram
if you have always been on the good side of the teachers then yes, please do attend
I'm sure they are more than happy to see you again after so long
if you were known to bring your hand phones to school then got caught, contributed to all the whispers in the class and sometimes help your classmates skip Chemistry class like me
sik perlulahhh lol
so I never attend any of my schools' reunions
but if there's one that I want to attend that would my kindergarten's
seriously, what are you guys up to these day?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

almost there

alhamdulillah for a productive day, yesterday
I managed to settle 3 of my assignments and half of my economy exercises *hands in the air*
it's that restless week of the semester. minggu assignments semua berlombak mintak hantar.
and speaking of assignment, I think at some point I kinda lost it
guess who was so geram at her group members that she rolled her eyes during presentation and even sindir them?
mimimimimimimi mimimi only mimi mimimimimimimi mimimi annoyed mi
yes me. I even sindir them in Facebook.
don't push it people. I can be mean if I want too. so don't!

so today I went to have a late lunch with Dina + plus window shopping + swee kang tanpa resah dan gelisah
I bought cds of Cuak, New York Cinta and a Thailand movie, Teacher's Diary
I wasn't interested to buy any but then I saw Cuak and I know Ashli been wanting to watch it but he can't find it online so...
and I need something to do during midterm break next week other than my thesis
and probably some mentoring
Miss Afiza has assigned students who did well during the midterm exam to mentor the others and I'm one of them
honestly, it was not because I'm good at economy it's just that most of the questions were similar to modern mathematics
I always enjoy classes involving calculations
maybe not all of them, just business mathematics and financial management

can't wait for this week to end
then h&m going to be open on the 30th at The Spring
and of course le friends and le boyfriend convocation days!
I'm not going to ask again if I can skip the meet-the-parents part because Ashli will definitely give me that, that's-the-only-time-my-parents-will-be-in-Kuching talk
first impression matters so any suggestions on how to get rid of the tan on my face?

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I'm a terrible girlfriend.
I sucks at comforting. yes dah beribu kali ulang benda tok.
and you know masa kecik-kecik when 2 kids are fighting then the one who started the fight will cry?
yes iolls budak itu. that's why I hate confrontation.
because its annoying! you started the fight then why did you cry. first.
I can't help it!
and I say things that I should not all the time.
even if its the truth.
and I probably been holding myself back all this time.
and the list goes on and onnnnn *sigh*

aok kelaie dengan gerek aku tok T.T
lepas ya nangis. sik juak congeklah selalunya.
it's probably because I'm really tired or the hormone
biasalah nak period tok pelik dikit perangey
pasya nenga lagu meriah carey nendak nakkk
stress ya eh tingginya kedak tanggak rumah aku tok tambah dengan tanggak rumah ernie tambah dengan rumah nenek fiza
I'm ending this post with an urgh
so urgh

Monday, October 6, 2014

Nuzaa Hijab

I finally got the pictures from the photo shoot!
and I don't want to spam every one's news feed in Instagram bahahaha

with everyone

with the boss

with Lina and the girlfriend of the photographer, Naz






*staring at the ground pose*

*staring into the space pose*

*cranky pose* bahahaha

we started around 9 am and ended around 4 pm
I learnt that
1. there should be people to help around like buying food and such
2. car pool! so it won't be difficult to find parking spaces
3. there should be at least one car with tinted windows to use as a 'fitting room'
4. there should be at least one person to do the touch up
5. last but not least one hijab pro to do all the belits!
because Naz is hopeless
I'm referring to Number 5
so I had to style Iznee's a bit here and there

Syikin gave me a shawl as a token of appreciation
I was more than happy to help out
now I know what Nigel Barker means by "blank expression" lol
modelling was not easy! *sigh*
anyhoo, click here and visit Nuzaa Hijab!
later people! assalamualaikum :-)

Friday, October 3, 2014

my life is getting a bit hectic
last Sunday I helped 2 of my friends with a photo shoot
I really can't do heavy make up. very the pondan.
I haven't take the photos from Naz yet
so I'll share em another time

boyfriend is in town *throw confetti*
for work purposes but I colek-ed him once and gonna colek him again later
it's not like he mind
my belated birthday surprise didn't go as planned
bukak pintu dah nampak kek *sigh*

if you ask
I would say it feels the same
as if we have not been apart for 3 months
for me it feels like I was just waiting for him till he finished his class like usual
then we grab something to eat
although, I do miss just sitting in the car with him and talk about our day
because we always do that before

I'm gonna see him again next month
with the family. his family.
he insists! so hmmm *insert fake laugh*
a bit cuak over here
huawa! assalamualaikum.