Friday, November 20, 2015

Graduation Day

I posted an entry on Graduation Tips
now I'm gonna write on the Graduation Day itself

I woke up around 5.15 am
I didn't hear my alarm clock ringing
so I rushed downstairs and yelled at Daneil because he was using the bathroom
and I didn't hear any sounds of water running through the pipe lol
after that, I started to do my make up first because I usually take quite some time doing it
I didn't wear any eyeliner because I suck at putting on my eyeliner
thank God I prepared everything the night before
I had my dress ironed, my heels in front of the door, my robe hanging near my heels, and my mortar board near my small sling bag so I wasn't nervous about accidentally leaving things behind

honestly, I don't fancy my make up lol
but I need something that pop and will last through out the day

I like this look better
but I know it won't pop as much as I want to
I'm wearing eyeliner in this photo but no concealer and eyeshadow

we were given cakes and drink to eat before entering Arena Gemilang
we waited almost 2 hours for the ceremony to start
at first, I didn't feel anything
but I felt overwhelmed once I entered the hall
the first time I listened to Unimas Gemilang during orientation week
I told myself that I will cry once I graduated
I choked a bit but I told myself not to be a crybaby lol

I did not trip on the stage
but once I reached my seat

I thought I bought cushion for high heels
but I actually bought an anti-skid thingy
so my feet were hurting like hell after wearing high heels for 4 hours straight

the infamous crumpled extra side of my hijab
not pretty

I have to show off my dress lol
it's a dress
it's a one piece dress
I had to shorten it a bit
because apparently I'm not as tall as Jovian's models lol

this is Madam Norazirah
she was one of few people who has high hope in me
during my early days at FEB
I'm really grateful for these people
that I really think that I should made another post
just to look back on my journey
until then
assalamualaikum :-)

p/s loving my boyfriend new wallpaper hewhew

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Graduation Tips

as promised
I'm gonna write about things I did before my graduation day

1. graduation outfit
you might think its not important
but its scorching hot out there
and you don't want to look like a hot mess once you take off your robe
so please do spend time thinking about it
like, the colour that will pop under your robe
and the material, so that you'll wear it comfortably

2. makeup
I'm not a makeup junkie
but I do found makeup thingy, enjoyable
and an expensive hobby
do spend time learning about your face shape and what will suit you
try out what you like on other people and see if it looks good on you
I'm talking about eye makeup and colour of the lipstick

3. shoes
honestly, I didn't spend so much thoughts on my shoes lol
but wedges and flats are safe and comfortable options
this is coming from a lady who is still suffering from numbness of her toes
due to uncomfortable pointed toe high heels

4. bag
I was not allowed to bring anything into the hall
but I managed to hide a small sling bag under my robe
I kept my phone, powerbank, tissues, sore throat jujube that I didn't eat at all and glue!
in case my high heels suddenly broke lol

5. hijab
other than shoes
I also didn't invest my time on my hijab
I ended up having the extra hijab on my side crumpled by the end of the day
if you want to wear a hijab made from satin
please make sure you wear it without having an extra hijab on the side

once you take off your robe
all the extra hijab are already crumpled
so hide em all!

I guess that's it from me
I hope this post is beneficial
good night! assalamualaikum :-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

on graduation

I told myself I need to do at least one post on my graduation day
so I'm gonna do 2 posts
1 is on the preparation and another 1 is on the day itself
but I still have lots to do today
insha'Allah I'll do it tomorrow
assalamualaikum :-)

Friday, October 30, 2015

How To A Bitch That Is Nice To Her Boyfriend?

I don't rant a lot about my relationship on social media
I learned from the past
so I hate it when my significant other do that to me

me and my boyfriend been fighting a lot since he pursue his study in UK
it's been better but I sort of reached my limit today
I am naturally an easily annoyed person
I know he is trying
but I honestly didn't expect myself to actually go full on rage today

the difficult thing about not being a materialistic girl is that
your boyfriend can't buy you with things
I wish I am a bit materialistic because I do pity my boyfriend
but I'm not

I wish he would spend an hour lying on his bed just Whatsapp-ing me
but he can't
he has classes, he has reading to do, he has debate thingy, he needs to exercise, and the list goes on and on
and to make it worst, we just went from 7 hours time differences to 8 hours
I mean, I was just adapting to the 7 hours

I am also on pms
so I've been extra bitchy to people
I've been screaming "eff you!" to strangers on the road
I am tired of fighting
so I've been googling "how to be nice to your boyfriend"

so there's this article on 140 Nice Things To Say To Your Boyfriend
managed to scroll it until number 32
it makes me cringe

read How To Be A Good Girlfriend To Your Boyfriend
here's a good one
"Try not to get into nagging mode"
but its contradicting with
"Don't try to be someone whom you are not."
mixed messages
I hate that

anyhow, I found an interesting thing at Yahoo Answers
I can conclude that girls who are not used in being affectionate do suffer from this issue

I have to agree with it
I'm not used to talk things out
that's not how I was raised
I was raised to be a strong, independent, non-vulnerable kinda girl
I was raised to suck it up and just deal with it
and I used to vent things out to get things done

I don't think I can do this let's talk things out thingy
but I'll try the stay quiet when I have nothing nice to say
I can't un-bitch myself but I'll try to be less bitchy
at least to my boyfriend
assalamualaikum :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

graduation makeup

my graduation ceremony is in one month time.
dress? checked. shoes? I'll probably wear ones I already have.
makeup? still exploring my options and brushing up my skills. pun intended lol

I was thinking of doing brown eyes but as you can see in the pictures above
the colour isn't doing much for me.
I guess it's because I'm not that fair.
top picture is how the makeup looks under natural light and the bottom one is under unnatural light.
I mean lights light. fluorescent light.
I was using different lipstick in each of the pictures.
I love the one I'm using in the top picture but I think it really won't do anything for me under fluorescent light.

the problem I have with this makeup is that I think it is really heavy on the eyes.
but, it looks awesome under fluorescent light.
I was using nude lipstick on the top picture and pink lipstick in the bottom one.
I'm not gonna do nude lipstick because I don't think it will still be there by the time I go out from the hall.

my nose looks great though.
great job with the contour *pat myself at the back*
but I think the contour on my cheeks are uneven lol
I'm gonna go now and look for other makeup options for my lips.
later! assalamualaikum.

p/s ignore my messy room

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Letter To My Future Self

Assalamuaikum Puan Amy Yasmin,

I hope you're a puan by now. I hope that you're healthy and doesn't suffer from gastric anymore. That would be most unlikely but a lot can happen in 5 years. I'm imagining scenes from Killjoy right now but I hope the world has not turn that way, yet.

How's your cooking skills? You did married Ashli right? OMG I'm so screwed if you married someone else who is very Malay-ish. Like so screwed. I'm imagining pans flying here and there in the kitchen and the smoke alarm went on and on with the annoying beep and I have to cancel my plan to cook everything using instant paste. I hope you did married Ashli. Like really. I don't want to burn the house down.

Speaking of marriage. If you did get married to Ashli... I can't imagine anything right now. Because he's crazy and you're a bit cuckoo too and both of you are really weird. Like weird. I hope your kids didn't turn out weird-ish. Like rolling on the stairs from top to bottom for the sake of it and such. On a side note, I know you guys will stick with each other through thick and thin although the two of you will spend half of the time screaming at each other's face. Tell Ashli to replace the "Jesus Christ" to "astaghfirullah hal azim.". I know I can count on you to even fix his grammar in the middle of a fight because you're annoying like that *high five*

I hope you're doing something you like as a job. Something related to fashion, editorial or advertising. Unless, Ashli pursued his career as a diplomat but I'm sure you can still work right? No? I don't know. Speaking about Ashli's career choice, it's not that I don't have any faith in him but he's the kinds of guy who'll start a war. I'll pray for you, girlfriend.

So how many followers do you have in Instagram? Does the app still exist? Do you still post photos of your ootd? If you still do so, please cover your chest properly so I don't have to delete so many photos from the account later on. Even if there is no changes in your bra size. If you know what I mean.

I hope you managed to do some travelling. Like went to New Zealand and do some bungee jumping. And still alive. But send le parents to Hajj first okay. So you won't feel guilty after that. Oh! I hope you managed to read The Cranky Ladies Of History. People should publish a new version of that book. You might make it into the book lol

Anyway, I just want to say I'm proud of you for the years of things you do to please your parents #iFeel. The journey to become a better self ain't easy but that's the reason why you're still alive. HE is giving you chance to keep improving yourself until the time comes. I hope you'll rock until you're 70 years old. I mean *insert tangan nasyid*


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ray Ban wayfarer for hazy days

I’m pressing every alphabet on the keyboard, slowly and carefully
because I’m still waiting for my nail polish to dry..
I need new colours!
I really should do some shopping..

speaking of shopping
I’ve been doing some shopping for my graduation ceremony at Zalora
and I saw awesome collection of Ray Ban wayfarer for women
I googled wayfarer
it means, a person who travels on food foot
we should be able to travel on food!
so we don't have to buy gas for the car!
but then, I don't think everyone will arrive at their destination
we will probably eat everything halfway through

I really like the Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses in solid green colour
it has a little bit of pattern
just like my current everyday spectacles
I really really really like it!
I’m not into the traditional black shades
the colour doesn’t do much for me like these ladies

so pretty much wowww
you can click the link to check out the collection
and see by yourself what I’ve been talking about

if you can’t afford it yet
put it on your Zalora’s wishlist
you’ll get a notification if the one in your wishlist is on discount!
currently I have 5 items in my wishlist
just so you know
shopaholic on the loose!

I really should go and do my the nails on my other hand
happy browsing!
assalamualaikum :-)