Saturday, June 27, 2015


I finally finished with my exams
one step closer to graduating, insha'Allah

having my exams during Ramadhan was a bit challenging
I suffered from hiccup during my first paper and I CAN'T DRINK WATER TO STOP IT URGH
so I spent the afternoon sleeping in the surau with my baby elephant pillow
shameless, I know

I received feedback for internships
probably because its Ramadhan makanya rezeki melimpan-ruah, alhamdulillah
SEDC called me back, Batik Boutique Hotel called me back and Merdeka Palace called me back
I rejected Merdeka Palace because I have to go through an interview beforehand
plus, I just finished my assessment with Harwood Timber Sdn Bhd on the same day
don't ask me which one will I accept because I have no idea
we will just have to see
assalamualaikum :-)

Friday, June 19, 2015

my first ever car accident

I was on my way back from UNIMAS when I accidentally hit the car in front of me
it was my first ever accident so I went out from the car
then the driver, a Chinese girl, who I assumed to be around my age suddenly burst into anger and tears
I talked to her mum because its easier to talk with someone who's not yelling at you
I told her that I will definitely take responsibility because it was my fault
I gave her my phone number, let her took a picture of my IC and EVEN MADE A VIDEO SAYING I WAS SORRY

I called my dad, he wanted to lodge a police report
in case they took an advantage over me
but we managed to settle it nicely
we gave them RM400 as compensation
I guess its somehow somewhat because I was fasting
but I'm definitely will keep a safe distance from the car in front from now

sorry bapak for hitting someone else car using your car
sorry for using your money to pay for the damage *sigh*
I hope my Father's Day card will at least pay 0.01% of it lol

I was thinking of giving this to him
but he doesn't fart that much
I also found another card that I need to stock up after I get married

have a bless Ramadhan everyone
hang in there!
assalamualaikum :-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


last night, I had dinner with my girls
it has been 2 weeks
I can't go that long without seeing at least one of them
even if I could, its probably because my boyfriend is around lol

so what's up?
secured a place for internship at Pullman but for certain reason it was pullback due to changes in management
so I need to find new place ASAP

received my fyp's draft back
so many things to do
tomorrow, I have to submit the completed one

I went to KL for Danial's wedding
he is Ashli's brother
it was an impromptu
the wedding was BEAUTIFUL!
check out the photos!

met Ashli's extended family for the first time
let's hope I gave a good first impression lol
people keep asking when will be our turn and everything
we were like not in another 2-3 years
so yeah
now its time to get back to reality

me and si debab Inara just want to wish everyone, selamat berpuasa!
please forgive all of my wrongdoing and may everyone berpuasa dengan penuh kerberkatan.
amin ya Rabbal alamin.
assalamualaikum :-)

Monday, June 1, 2015

the hardest goodbye

Ashli is already back in KL
he spent the weekends over here because its our 1st anniversary
during that 12 months, we were together at UNIMAS for a month, Ashli came to Kuching twice and I went to KL once

is it difficult being in a long distance relationship?
I would say no.
the difficult part is parting away.
this time around, I have no idea if I will able to see him before he fly to UK
so both of us were a bit more emotional than usual

I need to stop having my period whenever Ashli come to see me
the hormone is messing with my emotions
I was okay until Nisa asked if I cried in the car then I started to cry
to be honest, I was crying the night before too because of unidentified reasons

anyway, thank you for coming to see me sayang.
thank you for the ring.
I was taken aback a bit when you dragged me into jewelry stores
but you know I'll wear it and keep it safe

thank you for coming over for dinner
since you can sit with bapak and he even offered you his cigs
I guess it went well
next time around you might want to get ready to be requested to be an imam lol

thank you for respecting the choices I made
thank you for understanding things that I do for myself
thank you for not using my selfishness against me
and thank you for always prepared to explain stupid little things that I can't figure out by myself

I promise that I will still be yours once you come back from UK, InshaAllah
goodnight, assalamualaikum :-)

Saturday, May 16, 2015


I just woke up from my nap
my bapak woke up and told me to pick up my new pair of glasses
told him that I'm too tired because I just got back from a group discussion and I slept around 2 last night.
its been a hectic week.
I wish I have 34 hours in one day lol
I'm have 2 assignments to be submit on Tuesday.
I have a talk to be attend on next Wednesday.
I have 1 video and 1 report to be submit on Thursday.
I have to attend a wedding on Saturday.
guess who have to talk for a colloquium on Sunday?
yupe me.
don't make me talk about the week after.
the good new is I got an offer from Fashionvalet for the internship and I'm waiting for Pullman to decide on whether they will offer me an internship.
so yeah.
I hope you have better weeks than me.
assalamualaikum :-)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

trying to keep my sanity

I'm still up at this hour because I think it's a bit rude to tag people and force them to fill in the questionnaire for my research, this late of the night.
I have a lot of things to be done by the end of this month
If I can just finish collecting the data by this week. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.
Thank you to my friends who helped me to RT my tweets, shared my FB post and even shared the link to their friends in the Whatsapp group.
I have no idea where my girls at?
I don't think anyone went to that extend
Not that I know
I'll ask them tomorrow.
Link lain boleh share apa, sik kan sik boleh tolong kawan with her work.
A test of a true friend
Insha'Allah. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.
But seriously, I need all the help that I can get.
I'm this close to distribute my questionnaire to Bing! workers
let's pray I don't go cuckoo soon
goodnight. assalamualaikum!

p/s special thanks to my boyfriend who forced his friends to answer my questionnaire, then share it and even made his students and dancing friends answered it. thank you for entertaining me and my mood swing. I love you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

on manners

the other day, my friend left funny comments on one of the famous International hijabis Instagram
to give everyone a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING on what she's trying to say I'll translate them to English

L: the way she style her scarf makes her head looks like a light bulb
because it was really tight and some people do look like that when they style their hijab that way
Me: yes but she still looks really pretty even when her head looks like one
L: no wonder this photo looks really bright
it was a funny unintentional pun

I guess some people don't think the comments were funny
so another girl left a comment saying "it's very unmuslim of you to talk about people. Perangai tu jage banyk2 lah."
I was not offended that she mentioned us and trying to advising us
but the fact she used the word "UNMUSLIM"
it was sad because it was among a Muslim and her sisters of the same religion
I thought, we should know better
if you Google the word "unmuslim", it doesn't exist at the first place
another understanding of the word "unmuslim" would be "kafir" wallahualam

"Prophet Muhammad (Salalaho alehe wasalam) said : If a person says to his brother, O KAFIR (disbeliever) ! Then surely one of them is such. (i.e; Kafir) (Sahih Bukhari Volume 8 Book 73 Number 125)
Prophet Muhammad (Salalaho alehe wasalam) said : Any person who calls his brother: O Unbeliever! (then the truth of this label) would return to one of them. If it is true, (then it is) as he asserted, (but if it is not true), then it returns to him (and thus the person who made the accusation is an Unbeliever). [Sahih Muslim Book 001, Number 0117:]"
source: click here

that's why people always say the way you response to things around you will only reflect yourself
I'm not usually defensive
I even deleted my comments because I don't like to argue with people, especially strangers
because I don't know who he or she personally and I don't want to be judgmental

it's just that we as a human being, especially Muslims who live by the guidelines in the Al-Quran should refer back to the holy Al-Quran before making any statements
especially topics that are very sensitive before they'll come back to haunt us
I'm not saying I'm a perfect Muslim, I even raised my voice and made rude remarks
but never I speak about one's belief freely
that's just my two cent
assalaumualaikum :-)