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life is hard

I know it's already halfway through Ramadhan
but still, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to Muslims all over the world

last month, my Pak Nek was called to meet The Al-Mighty
it's not that I didn't anticipated it but it hit me that I don't have any grandparents anymore this coming Eid and it makes me sad
currently typing this with air mata bergenang lol
anyway, I'm grateful that I was home a week before his passing
and managed to see him even before my flight back to Shah Alam
because I didn't managed to do the same when my Mak Nek passed away last year

then a few weeks after that, my mama suffered from another attack of brain stroke
if you know me well, you would know that my mama just recently recovered from it
I was panicking and I anxious because I'm not there with her
during the first attack I was home and did all the caretaking
back then, I even thought of taking a semester off my study but my bapak told me not to
alhamdulillah she was in ICU for …

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